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School days in Year 6 May

May’s been a really busy month for school days. I expect most year 6s are pleased it’s over, and they can look forward to the fun end of their school days as they prepare to transition to secondary school.

Here’s May’s school days for year 6


I think our school do it really well. Yes, we don’t really want kids being tested all the time. But children do need to learn how to do exams at some point. If they can learn to take it in their stride, and know what they need to do to be prepared, then it can work well. Our school has had the children doing old papers from when they go into Year 5, so the teacher can understand whether they’re on track and what boosters they may need.

N was most excited about getting breakfast and half time snacks of pastries. SATs breakfast was what he’d been looking forward to since Year 2!

He said the tests went ok. His finished all the papers, with checking time. He seemed to do them exactly the way they’d been taught in answering up to a certain stage then checking. He has decided he’s aiming for a certain score in maths at least so we’ll just have to see how he does. 

school implements for kids to write and do maths with

Year 6 weight check

N had Covid on their weight and measurement day so missed out. The nurse came back in to pick up him and a few others from reception who’d been missed. He was surprised how fast it was done. We’re not expecting anything different to him being in the middle of range.


N’s not been happy with their most recent PE offer. Mostly because it’s not been as much as they’ve had in the past, but also because it’s a bit tame. It’s not sport, and hasn’t been very active in the post Easter term. Previously they’ve done dance with this external teacher which he could live with, and earlier in the year they did circuits which he really enjoyed. 

But this month it all just seemed to be focus themed rather than actual PE. From N’s description of activities it sounded like old fashioned playground games – in a circle, memory games like going round the circle remembering a list of items then adding on an item each time, or ‘wink murder’ type. N just wants to be active and run around, learn different sports. So he’s not enjoyed it, finding it boring. 

They did have one session at the end of SATs week which was cross country – he loved running round the field and evidently ran 2 miles in the time they had. And the final PE of the term turned out to be some salsa. I tried to get him to show me, but he said je couldn’t remember.

Star of the week

N got the last Star of the Week of the term, for showing friendship and leadership.

Target awards

N received 2 targets this term. The silver – which he should have got before Easter. But he said there’d been a mix up and he should have got it the time before but his was forgotten, then at Easter they thought he’d already had it. But he’s now got it, and also got his gold at the same time.

He was only 4 off his Platinum, so he’ll get that next time unless something drastic happens.

Four children did receive theirs this time, and his teacher called N up as the other prefect to hand out those awards. Then he was asked afterwards if he had anything to say about his classmates. ‘No’. Ripple of laughter from us parents. When asked again ‘they work hard’. Definitely a man of few words. Although I wouldn’t have wanted to have been put on the spot like that. 

Prefect responsibilities

N and the other prefect have been taking on extra responsibilities this month.  They’re in charge of setting up the hall ready for assembly, sorting the benches and getting the technology and music ready. N’s loving it as they decide between themselves who’s doing what, and what their jobs are. 

Jubilee activities

The last Friday of term they dressed up as kings, queens, princes and princesses. N didn’t really know what to dress up as, so just said he’d do a scruffy prince aka ‘prince off duty’. Easier than his night before ‘it’s a shame I can’t go as that band King’. Who? ‘With Freddie Mercury’ Queen. 

When we were there in the playground for Target Assembly, N’s class also did a fly past of paper aeroplanes over someone dressed as a Queen or princess. He was a bit disappointed as his plan didn’t fly very well. It was quite windy though, so not many went where they wanted them to go. Funny.

Check out my jubilee grazing board idea for your celebrations

Leaving plans

Discussions have started about leaving events and celebrations. The children will get leaver’s hoodies like many schools have. They’ll be creating their photo boards pulling together photos and images about them to display in school. We’ve been struggling to decide as parents, what legacy gift we’ll buy to leave the school. And thinking about sorting out a leaver’s do for them. Date and place agreed, but not much more than that so far.

Secondary school preparations

I had a call from N’s secondary school asking which primary he goes to. The county council sent the school information that he was still as his nursery school. Only 7 years out of date! I presume that’s for them to plan the primary school visits they try and make.

The same day we got our transition pack. This had all the forms for before he starts, and a student handbook for him. I’ve ordered the compulsory uniform for him, now I just need to check in whether he will need jogging trousers and rugby/multisports top, plus a tie once we know which house he’ll be in.

Unfortunately the school are running the new parent and student evening on the same day as the Year 6 transition day.  When N’s class are on their residential. So they’ll miss both the day and the evening. I’ll still go for the evening, but we won’t be able to get a blazer tried on for size, so I’ll just hope that the size I’ve ordered will fit him.

Things are moving on now, and he’s looking forward to the last half term of fun things in primary, as well as prospective secondary.

Are your children moving up to secondary this year too?

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  1. Year 6 is such a busy school year for the kids especially at this time with their primary school years coming to an end.
    hahaha! My girls were most excited about breakfast at school during the SATs and the free bottles of water that they got. I am glad the SATs went well for N.
    Ugh! The PE lessons don’t sound like fun, I always thought schools were big on exercise and kids being active. Not memory games.
    Well done N with the awards. I hope he enjoys his last half term at primary school x

    1. Yes, our school they’ve always been good on sports, they’re lucky as they get in a lot of external coaches in too. I think they were probably spoilt last year when they were doing 3-4 lots a week. Now it can be only once, and it’s not enjoyable or active enough. I think there’ve been some issue with behaviour of some too, which means they’ve not gone back to having the usual proper sports coaches for their class. Hopefully this final half term will be a lot better.

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