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Learn to write with Appealing Rabbit alphabet cards

I’m all for trying to get N interested in writing and learning his letters but crikey it’s a hard slog.  He loves reading books with me, and scrawling ‘shopping lists’ but actually sitting down, even when playing games it’s an effort.

So I was interested to see if he’d be willing to give the Appealing Rabbit alphabet cards a go.  These cards were created for the purpose of bringing fun to children who’re learning to write letters.  The cards are very visual, with a fairy tale like quality and artwork on.  They’re almost like calligraphy, with the shape of the letter for children to follow and write to create the letter, but with pictures surrounding the letters.

Appealing rabbit alphabet cards

A wipe off pen and eraser is included in the box which is a good idea, and once the child’s done the writing, they can simply wipe off and start again.  The cards are good quality, a nice glossy finish, perfect for the wipe clean  and thick enough that they should last over time.

The letters can be quite hard to pick out sometimes, but once they get used to the shape of the letters, they’re more straightforward to see.

alphabet cards

With children learning lower case first I’d prefer for the letters to be in lower case (or maybe lower case on one side and upper case on the reverse), but if your child is interested in learning to write and following lines then these could be a great idea.

While for us we’re at the initial learning phase, so just taking a letter at a time works, but if you’re a bit further down the letter journey, you can play it like a game and score points for every letter written correctly.

I don’t think these are great for us. N’s just not interested – he tried one under duress, but otherwise hasn’t returned to look at the pack.  If your child wants to write and you’re looking for alternatives to you drawing lots of dotty guidelines then these are a possible activity to try out.

Disclosure: We were sent the cards for the purpose of review.  All opinions and words are my own.

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  1. Yes, my first thought before I’d got to your comment was ‘uum they should be in lower case’. We are still having a nightmare with writing here, and I’m not sure these would help us either, think they’d just confuse matters!

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