rock pooling viewer at sea life centre

Project 365 2015 week 30 – camping delights

We’ve just come back from a week camping holiday so this week’s Project 365 is full of camping and holiday treats.

I’d been hoping for some wifi as advertised on the campsite but no-one could connect to it, so my mobile data got hit (ouch my phone bill will be expensive this time), and I’ve basically not been able to do anything I’d planned while being away. Not only that, but I’ve come back home to find that my upgraded broadband is faulty, so I’m without any broadband at home. So expect a mass load of posts that should have gone live last week, being published this week instead!

Onto last week’s Project 365.

On Sunday we drove down to Weymouth to the campsite.  I’d not been camping for about 16 years, but I did manage to put up the tent myself, and for the first time cook outside on a stove.  Really that first evening was just reheating a chilli I’d made and frozen the night before, but it was a good way of getting used to the stove.  Cooking had been my main worry, so it was a relief to start off easily and get some confidence.

Camping cooking stove

Monday was drizzly on and off all day so we headed off to Sea Life centre to avoid getting too wet.  We got a bit more interactive than at previous trips to sea life centres, and enjoyed the rock pooling peeks under the water.

rock pooling viewer at sea life centre

Tuesday was beautiful weather again, and before heading to the beach to meet the others we walked up to Nothe Fort and gardens.  N wasn’t too excited by the fort, but we had a delicious cream tea (minus the drink) and cake.  When in Devon…(although I like my scones the Cornish way with jam first).

Dorset cream tea scones

N slept really well in the tent, not waking at all.  Much improved compared with our practice run when he wouldn’t sleep out in it at all.  I snapped this photo on Wednesday because I was astounded all week how much he moved during the night.  He was in and out of his sleeping bag, across and down the tent (we were on flat ground), and by morning he wasn’t on his mat at all and squashed up against the end of the tent.

asleep in a tent

On Thursday we all split up and did different things.  I took N over to Lulworth Castle, and then Lulworth Cove. Being a former geographer I couldn’t miss it.  An ice cream was on the cards before leaving, and N was quite taken with the couple of cow models advertising the wares.   Apt for a cow farmer’s son, although him trying to milk them was taking things a bit far.

meeting the ice cream cow model at Lulworth cove

Friday was a horrendously wet day even into the evening.  Some of the mums camping had their husbands travel down for the last couple of nights which meant a bit of an accident.  Mostly we all cooked together, but a couple were cooking on disposable bbqs that night…straight onto the plastic fold out table instead of using the bricks provided by the campsite.  Oops.  1 hole and a big dent later, that was one table pretty much ruined.  It seems the female campers were a lot more logical when it came to cooking than the men.

burnt hole in a picnic table

We only stayed 6 nights because I wanted to have Sunday free for pre-work preparation and doing all the washing.  So Saturday morning we packed up the car, and it seemed that N wanted to travel in the suitcase instead of his car seat.

packing himself in the suitcase

Hopefully by next week’s Project 365, my internet will be restored and all will be back to normal with blog posting, reading and commenting!

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