eating banana lollies

Frozen banana ice cream lollipops

For N’s non-birthday party i decided to do lunchboxes for the children. So quick and easy to do, and the kids only had to pick the drink flavour and the sandwich filling they wanted. The rest was set and they either ate it all or not. There was very little waste leftover so they went down well along with the veg sticks and fruit i also put out for them to add to their lunchbox if they wanted (and to add a bit more of a healthy touch.

They each had a cupcake in their party bag, but i thought if the weather was hot they’d want a lolly or ice cream to cool down. I’d spotted frozen fruit lollies and decided to try a party sprinkled version for the children.

banana chocolate frozen lollies

As with most of the lunch box i could prepare it the night before, so saving hassle for a morning party in the hours beforehand.

ingredients for banana lollies

How to make frozen banana ice cream lollipops

What you need

Chocolate for melting – I used milk chocolate with a few plain chocolate drops to increase the amount and make it a little less sweet
Cake pop sticks

How to make

  1. Chop the bananas in half. You can leave whole if the bananas are larger, but i chopped small ones in half and the size was fine
  2. Put a lolly stick into the cut end of each banana and Pl ace on a cookie sheet or baking tray and freeze for a couple of hors or overnight

banana on lolly sticks for freezing

  1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave or over a bain marie. I prefer the microwave because it’s quicker and easier. Leave to cool a little but not too much.
  2. Dip each frozen banana into the melted chocolate or drop the chocolate over to coat the top of the bananas using a spoon. I mostly dipped and only did the top of the banana.

chocolate dipped frozen bananas

  1. Before the chocolate sets ( it will quickly on hitting the frozen bananas) sprinkle to your heart’s desire or get your children to. N loved this bit.

adding sprinkles to the bananas and chocolate

  1. Refreeze the bananas. Keep frozen until ready to serve, and replace any uneaten ones in the freezer. They do go watery if left out of the freezer.

chocolate banana lollies

If you’ve got a dirty mind, then ignore what they look like (snigger snigger), because they do taste great, and all the children who tried them ate them up with no complaints.

eating banana lollies

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