halloween party play - bubbablue and me

Halloween party play

Being that time of year again, we’ve just had our traditional Halloween NCT party.  One of the girls often invites everyone round to their spookily decorated house for the children to play, the adults to chat, and for us all to eat way too much.

N of course, decided beforehand that he didn’t want to go.  ‘I don’t like parties, I’m staying on the farm’.  No, you’re coming.

halloween party play - bubbablue and me

I didn’t make him dress up because I knew he wouldn’t want to, but he still had his Frankenstein style t shirt from last year which fitted, so he was happy to get that out and wear it.  The other children were all dressed up, including one who insisted on being a (really cute) ballerina.  The red pen she managed to get on herself did add to the outfit with a bit of Halloween style blood!

The gang in halloween costumes - 4 year olds and siblings

Most of the children just get stuck in and play together.  They see each other pretty regularly, even with the 4 year olds now at school.  N was happy enough just playing with the toys on his own, and having a nosy at the rest of them when he fancied it.

comparing costumes

tutu skirt costumes


concentrating on his play

The food looked brilliant.  The children had cool spooky themed party food – I’d taken along a worm ridden jelly to sit alongside the ghost marshmallows, bats, star and ghost sandwiches and witches finger cheese straws.  Us adults got to eat lovely pork baps complete with my favourite sage and onion stuffing. Yum.

halloween food table

The children did have some games to play – pin the nose on the witch, act out the spooky action on the card and not forgetting wrapping mummies (or themselves).  N didn’t want to join in, but I happily helped wrap one of the other children.  It was so funny seeing them jumping around to be in a mummy photo.

4 year old tissue wrapped mummies

After lunch, N was angsty and wanted to play outside.  They’ve a beautifully set out garden, but probably not made for around 8-10 children running around.

But the patio doors were opened and out they spilled.   The bubbles were out

bubble machine

ballerina with bubbles

The dads were out playing, and the cricket and golf sets were out.  One of the girls has quite an eye on her for whacking a ball being bowled at her.

playing cricket and golf

One of the dad’s is (or was) a bit of a hockey player, and N’s ‘golf’ action whack caught his eye.  Despite the cack handed shot, he was connecting pretty regularly, and even looking at the photos afterwards, my brother (who’s a good golfer) was raving about his natural good swing action.  So you never know, come N turning 5, we might look into him starting to play hockey with the youngsters.

practising his golf swing

It was a lovely few hours, nice to catch up with everyone and see the children, and the outside airing for the kids was a perfect end to the day.

Did you have a halloween party?  What did you get up to?


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  1. Oh bless them, it looks like they all had a great time! I wish Halloween was a big thing in the UK when I was a child, I thought it was brilliant when an American girl moved to my school in Year 4 and threw a Halloween party for us all!

    C x | Lux Life

    1. I do like the parties, just not the trick or treating. I do remember one party only from my childhood, and we did finding things in flour and apple bobbing as games! Funny what we remember

  2. Sounds like a great party, I’m still in contact with some of my NCT group and the kids all get on really well. In fact all are now on the second addition to their families so I am sure the babies will continue the friendships as well. They are so valuable and I would encourage everyone to go if they can xx

  3. The kids look so cute in their costumes and obviously enjoying themselves 🙂 And the food looks pretty good too. We had lots of kids calling to our house this year and my daughter had friends around so it was a bit manic.

    1. Winter is quite NCT focused for us – Christmas, halloween, 7 or 8 birthdays and casual get togethers over the Christmas period. The rest of the year is lean for us because I work full time, and the others meet up after school or with younger siblings during school time. It’s great we’re all still in touch though.

  4. We have a party with out baby group too – although now they are very big. I wont lie I was thankful that people were on holiday this year as it was hard enough entertaining 11 of them in our house!

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