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Playdates at home and away

I love watching N interacting with other children.  Sometimes he’s just bossed around (by his 5 year old cousin), other times, he’ll be telling others what to do.

He’s used to being with other children at both his nurseries, and I do try to catch up with other friends when we can…as much for me as for him.  But it would be great if he ended up good friends with children of my friends.

A few weeks ago we caught up with one of my old school friends and her daughter.  N was really looking forward to L coming.  He was telling everyone how she was coming to play with her mum, and what toys she’d be allowed to play with.  At one point, he’d said she couldn’t play with his toys, but luckily, by the time she’d arrived, he had changed his mind about that.

They’re really quite different children.  N’s really boisterous, while L’s really dainty.  But they do both like similar toys, and books and music were on the agenda for this playdate.  We had to put on AC/DC as L was a rock fan too, and they both had a go with N’s guitar.

toddler rock chick

The boat-box was rolled out and they had a good old sing song complete with actions to the song.  I think N was a bit disappointed as he cleared a space in the boat for L to sit, but she wasn’t having any of it.

toddler in a cardboard box boat

We did think it was amusing when N started inviting L up to his room to play.  He’s only just had proper toys up in his room, so he was obviously keen to show off his room (I’m not sure why as it’s not decorated as such).  He did manage to persuade L upstairs (good use of his charms!  And our encouragement that it was ok for L to go up), and they had a good time building with sticklebricks.

toddlers playing sticklebricks

N definitely loves being in his own house and sharing his toys.  Maybe he’s a future leader, encouraging people to come on board with his way of thinking?  But he also settles down quite quickly at others’ houses.  Maybe that’s a bit of the ‘farmhouse’ mentality that it’s open house to all.  I might have to keep a watch on that, otherwise he’ll be wandering in to people’s houses, thinking it’s fine to do that!

How different are your children when they have playdates at home compared with going elsewhere to play?

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  1. I find playdates so much easier than going somewhere ‘public’. LP tends to be quite reserved and takes in what’s happening whereas her friends are all a lot more loud and confident! x

    1. Definitely makes a difference. N’s friends are a real mix of liking to play alone, right through to loud and charging around from the start. N likes to do a once over before getting stuck in. Home environments are definitely less pressured for the children, and probably easier for parents too.

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