swimming boy

Swimming woggle success

Whoop whoop.  For the first time N swam a whole width on his own with the woggle.

Usually he kicks when you’re holding on to him, but as soon as you let go, he stops kicking.  But this time (and the toddlers were having a race – maybe he’s got my competitive nature), he kept kicking all the way across the pool and even did some arm stuff.  He does more breast stroke with his arms than the doggy paddle or front crawl type stroke they’re being taught, but that doesn’t matter (I was always strange and liked to combine strokes as well).

Not only that, but he was even quite fast doing it, wanted to go again, and did the same back again (although I think he was trying to grab hold of me on the return width!)

So a very proud mummy.

Waterbabies are doing us proud, and I’m sure he’ll be continuing to improve now he’s got the confidence to actually let go of me.

After a successful lesson last week practising on their backs which he liked for the first time ever, and now this, it’s definitely been worth the money.

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