project 365 #365 photo a day

Project 365 – Photo a day week 8

I know a week has 7 days and therefore 7 photos in it, but N and I are away for a few days and I’m not sure if I’ll have wifi access to write my post on Saturday.  So the mighty scheduling comes into play, and I’ll link up with the linky once I’ve got access again.

project 365 #365 photo a day

Sunday – after all the rain, this last week’s been quite beautiful in comparison.  Blue skies, less windy, and it feels like Spring’s on its way.  There are lots of snowdrops on the verges near us, and on the farm, the daffodils are on the way.

Monday – N was sent home from nursery as he had a temperature that wouldn’t come down.  Of course, as so often is the case, as soon as he was home he was right as rain. Jumping on the cushions and sofa as much as possible.  Thankfully he was obviously just coming out with a cold.

Tuesday – The button jar. We’ve been trying to encourage N’s potty training for a while and it’s not really happening.  Well, he’s pretty good morning and evening, so dry at night (even waking to tell me he needs to wee, does it, then goes back to bed), but refuses to contemplate it during the day, especially at nursery.  We’ve tried stickers, sweets, buttons, peer pressure, but still he won’t budge.  It’s taken him ages (because he’ll only go twice a day normally on the potty – won’t contemplate the toilet now either), but he’s finally filled his button (spices) jar, and we swapped it for a new Tractor Ted dvd.  So he now understands there is a reward at the end of it, but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference.  This was him counting the buttons he was allowed after his 2 wees during the night.

Wednesday – N is obsessed with the ear thermometer.  I suppose I should be relieved as it saves struggling each time we need to check it.  But he insists on getting it out himself, and then he always wants a new plastic tip cover bit so lots end up scumpled on the floor and thrown away.  It’s now been put out of reach.

Thursday – It’s an expensive time of year for me carwise.  I’ve had my car almost a year, so it’s insurance renewal move time, service and MOT time.  All done and passed, and I had a lovely chat with the service desk woman who was really friendly and talked almost as much as me.  Nissan WestWay Oxford definitely make up for the complete lack of customer service that their counterparts offer at Antelope Banbury.  I couldn’t believe the white alloys that I spotted at the dealers though.  Wonder how quickly they’d get mucky driving in most places in the UK.

Friday – N got his own post today.  I’d forgotten all about expecting this birthday card for him.  When my friend and her daughter came for a playdate a few weeks ago, they asked whether we’d got N’s card they’d made and sent.  So a month after sending, it turned up.  Well, it was a lovely card, well painted, and his little ‘girlfriend’ had also done a glitter handprint which he seemed very taken with.  N wouldn’t let me stand it up on the window ledge…no, he wanted to keep the card with him on the sofa, so he was obviously really pleased with it.  Very cute!

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    1. Definitely round here. My car’s always easy to spot. It’s always the muckiest. Even 2 days after washing (and having been on motorways and town rather than mucky rural roads) it looks as filthy as always

    1. Cute wasn’t it. Full on painting on front and back, and bits inside as well. Really cute. Plus impressive, there’s no way N would sit down at 3 and do that much painting. The little girl’s 6 months younger, so obviously loves her crafting.

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