cousins on swings

Project 365 2017 week 18

We’re onto week 18 of Project 365, a photo a day for a year.  I did have a couple of days where I snapped only 1 random photo that day, because on work days I’m just not feeling very inspired at the moment. Work was manic this week – trying to get a report signed off when you’ve lots of different people inputting late on, isn’t really happening smoothly.  Plus frantically trying to organise training sessions when my trainer is on holiday and main technical person is about to go on maternity leave.  Nothing’s straightforward when it comes to project management.  It meant no walks at lunchtime this week so restricting the photography opportunities.

The whole weekend was pretty quiet. N went on the farm both days, but on Sunday as usual he and his youngest cousin came to play in the garden for a couple of hours. Although N did have a moan because ‘he only wants to play football’, they enjoyed playing on the climbing frame and swings, then spent about an hour shooting arrows and throwing balls at tin cans.

cousins on swings

On Monday, I popped outside to get back to using my camera. I do love water droplets, so made the most of what was around. It’s been a strange week weatherwise, a mix of warm and chilly, not much in the way of blue skies. It would be nice to have the weather decide what it’s going to do. Preferably get slightly warmer so we can get rid of coats, and a bit of blue skies.

water droplets on grass macro

On Tuesday, N got home from after school club (having play sports at fundamentals club, hence the PE kit) and spent a bit of time with Fern, our labrador.  She loves attention and certainly gets a lot of that from N.

tickling our labrador's tummy

On Wednesday I was struggling for photos but then spotted my dying tulips.  Out came the macro lens (it’s so nice having my camera back), and I had a play.

tulip stamens macro

On Thursday I wasn’t getting out of the office again, but there was a kitchen clear out, with lots of ‘tupperware’ being available for people to take.  I claimed the bottom 2 to add to my collection at home. You can never have too much if you freeze your leftovers.

new tuperware lunch boxes

On Friday, the sheep were being moved out from the field behind to elsewhere.  We love to watch the round-up although had to get back and miss the last bit because they were being put off by us standing there.  The field feels empty now (there’s cows still in it), and no chance to watch the lambs gambolling now.

watching sheep rounding up

On Saturday, I persuaded N to come out (helped by his dad doing boring things on the farm).  He wanted to go to a park to cycle so we headed to Ryton Pools Country Park.  We had a lovely walk and cycle – nice to be somewhere new.

cycling profile shot
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  1. Loving that macro shot of the tulips. I know what you mean about the mixed weather….it seems so indecisive at the moment!

  2. ooh you can never have too much tupperware, especially when it comes with lids on. Love the macro photo of the tulip and I hope the skies are nice and blue by now

  3. all the sheep have disappeared from here as well and I think all the farmers have their cows out.
    Glad they managed to do something other than football, nice to reach a compromise.
    The dog seems to be loving that.
    I empty the cupboard at work of all the tupperware as well once a month.

  4. I do love that photo of the tulips.
    Ahh! You can never have too much tupperware. I have a cupboard full and it all gets used now and again x

  5. Love the photo of N on his bike and the one of him staring out at the field. Work sounds pretty challenging for you. It must be so nice to have your camera back now. I’m so lazy these days. Nearly all of mine are taken on my phone.

    1. We’re just really under-resourced, people going on mat leave, sabbaticals, leaving and no replacements, plus overhanging work that should have been finished in March but is going round the houses still. Driving me nuts.

      I do use my phone a lot, but it’s nice to get the depth of field I can’t get with my phone unless it’s a real zoomed in close up.

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