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School Days – class assembly and wellygate

Another week on, and it’s another School Days post.  This week has been pretty much full of assembly talk and not a lot of work as far as I can tell. Or maybe N just locks that bit out of his memory!

Class assembly

I think N really enjoyed the class assembly.  The whole lot, the rehearsals, the run up and the actual performance. The 7 year 1s had 3 lines each, and some ‘acting out’ parts when a story was read. The foundation children had a few words to say each too.

It was an assembly about food – healthy balance, growing foods what are good and bad to eat all the time. Like all assemblies there were funny bits (intentional and not), children staring off in their own little world, and kids who were encouraged to repeat their lines because they were too quite or the audience wasn’t quiet enough.

I was so proud of N – he had to think about one part of his lines, but otherwise it was clear. He’d not told me he’d be doing a bit at the front of the stage holding up food cards and leading the class in a decision of always eat or sometimes eat.

taking part in class assembly.

They finished off singing a repeat of the Spring Chicken song they did at Easter complete with actions. All the school got up and joined in, even the cool year 6s. It seems noone is immune to the spring chicken song…I ended up with it being an earworm for the next day or so!

It was great to see N enjoying sitting up with his classmates and enjoying being part of it.  He didn’t look shy at all which was great.


In N’s class there’s a reception girl with some developmental issues, and it seems her actions have been annoying N.  In the past he’s said that she hits people for no reason, but his reasoning has always been that it’s just her.  You can see it at parties and open days at school – excitement about new things and places probably doesn’t help.  But this week, he’s been more concerned about his wellies.

They all have a pair of wellies at school on the boot hooks, and it seems she’s been taking his to wear instead of her own.  I can’t understand why the TA lets her as it must be obvious with the name in (and N’s are boring navy). But it’s annoying N.  I suggested he ask the TA to remind her that she needs to wear her own instead of someone elses.  I also suggested he leave his own wellies near his peg instead, but he told me there wasn’t room for that.  Given it’s not really been wet, I’m not sure why the wellies are even coming into play, but little things do get annoying, so hopefully N gets it sorted out.

excitement getting home with the dog


We’re into the summer term and that means football and hockey are finished with in PE.  This term cricket is on the menu.

When I asked N what sport they were now doing, his explanation was ‘that game with a ball, and a stick to hit it, you see on the television’.  Guess that ruled out rounders!

N’s usually good at connecting a bat and ball, so hopefully he does well at cricket and enjoys it. He really likes tennis, but it’s important that he also sees a value in team sports.

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  1. I’d mention the wellies issue myself if it continues to annoy him. Maybe she’s wearing them when others aren’t. We never discuss PE here, it’s such a minefield as far as Monkey is concerned. They will be learning rounders this term, he’ll hate every minute of it I’m sure. He doesn’t take after my side of the family at all. We never get asked in to assembly which is such a shame, I’d have loved to see Monkey receive awards, and I’ve no idea if he has to present things there either.

    1. The school does a lot of open mornings and assemblies plus church for parents to go in for. Once a term there’s church service for all, each class does an assembly each year for which those parents can go in, and then there are target assemblies each term. Anyone who has a child getting their target certificate can go to it. So lots of opportunities. Plus an open morning before school to look at books each term. As a working parent I can’t go to everything and it seems like a lot, but it’s great to have the opportunity

      N would love rounders – he’s rubbish at throwing and catching balls (a bit wild really), but he’s good at hitting. Don’t think they play til further up the school. Could be dangerous with the bat!

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