Smiling toddler

Happy Monday

Here’s some of the things that make me happy, and hopefully you’ll get a smile too on a happy Monday.

Dancing and singing

My OH always moans when I sing.  But singing makes you feel good and boosts your mood.  I do less of it now I have N in the car, but would love to join a local choir if I knew I could commit to the time.

And dancing gives of similar smiles and happiness vibes.  I used to do a lot of ceroc/modern jive dancing, with a bit of west coast swing thrown in, then N came along.  I’ve not got back to it, but really should.  The buzz of dancing to great music and having an amazingly connected dance with your partner, then walking off the floor in a daze is something to experience.  I’ve definitely got some great memories from dances I’ve had over the years.


Seeing this face every morning and hearing his excitement really makes me (and others) happy.  How could you fail to smile when you see this?

Smiling toddler


This is my happy song…used to love waiting for it to come on at retro club nights (I admit, cheesy club nights were those I would go to)

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    1. You can’t beat a good sing along and boogy in the kitchen while cooking. That’s one of my favourite things to do. Just makes everyone smile while doing it

    1. Thanks.
      A little cheese?! I think it’s probably more cheesiness than a little. But you really can’t beat cheesey songs for a good happy lift.

    1. Yay, loved joining in. Hope it was as successful as you hoped.

      Singing and dancing has to have been proven to improve the mood (well, I know singing is, but dancing must too – as long as you’re not self conscious. I’m fine on proper structured partner dancing, but put me in a disco and I’m terrible!)

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