project 365 #365

Project 365 – photo a day week 4

It’s week of project 365, and there’s been a lot of ‘birthday’ bits going on for N as he turned 3.

project 365 #365
  • Soft play for another birthday party.  Interesting session for N (see my post here), but he loved playing with the balls that fly up the pipes.  Maybe a future physicist in the making?
  • There were a lot of cakes this week.  I didn’t do one big birthday cake as there weren’t going to be enough people eating it, but did cupcakes for N to take into nursery (that was a long evening of baking).  Thankfully on his birthday, it was any cake goes, whereas the 2 days he doesn’t go they have to be more careful due to allergies.
  • The birthday was Tuesday, and N loved being centre of attention and all the presents.  Interesting that some of his favourites have been a little torch which you can put ‘slides’ in, and light up balloons!  He was very chuffed with his first playmobil set.  Second hand special, but now we need to get some red indians and cowboys sets to go with his Fort Eagle set.  He does love watching a western with his dad, much to my consternation.
  • A trip to London for my project I work on, and down the street I was based at, each house had gorgeous fence flower boxes outside.  Firstly I love the old Georgian town houses, and then the flowers looked so lovely and unexpected in this season.
  • A bit of a random bobbing flower.  I see this every time I turn left out of work on my lunchtime walk, as the same car’s parked by the end of the road each day.  It really makes me chuckle as it bobs even when the car isn’t moving.
  • This week’s also been about Playmobil and building N’s set that I had to build.  I was very relieved that it just about fit on the ‘toy table’ we have (halfway through I was getting a bit concerned!), and N seems to like playing with it.
  • N didn’t have a party for his birthday.  I’m planning to do one when the weather improves, but instead he had his cousin over to play and for tea on Saturday.  They love being together and spent a lot of the time hugging.  They used to have 2 days a week together before N’s cousin started school, but they’re just as close even though there’s 2 years between them.
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    1. He loves it. Although I’m a little wary of it being pulled off the table it’s on. And we need more people – some cowboys/indians would be good.

    1. I would have said this age was good, only mine’s turned into a little terror. Whining, clingy and shouting if you go to do anything that he thinks is his job.

      The cupcakes were good. I’m not great at icing and tried a meringue frosting for the first time which I’m not convinced worked brilliantly. However, no children were ill after eating, so all good!

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