4 handsewn wristlet keyfobs

Project 52 2021 week 26 – sewing crafts

We’re rapidly approaching the last few weeks of school for this year. I’ve spent quite a bit of time planning and organising tennis lessons for the holidays. In absence of any plans for the summer, I’m just looking at things he can do closer to home, and he’s keen to do lots of tennis. It’s costing a lot though – we’ve just got to hope the weather is dry for the sessions we’ve booked in.

Here’s our week 26 of Project 52.

Sunday was the last team match of the summer season. They were playing one of the best teams in their group, but they had a different team to usual and it meant our team were able to play well and give a good fight. Only one of ours won a match, but they all played well, were confident at scoring and in their doubles. N’s singles rubber was an epic 1 hour 15 mins long, and was only 2 short sets! Two and a half other matches were played in that time.

On Monday work and school meant back to normal. It was a busy week for me, but I managed to progress quite a few things. It was nice to be able to use my new desk and location although I was surprised that noone commented during meetings until midway through the week. In the evening I got out my sewing machine and started sewing some other crafts I’d cut out previously. It’s so much easier and faster batching stages of the task.

Tuesday my new desk chair arrived. I’d wanted something less computer chair-ish, but with dubious reviews on some and lack of availability, I ended up with something that does still look a bit more computer chair than planned. But it arrived next day, and N enjoys spinning on it! There was a historic win for England vs Germany in the Euros, with us going through to the last quarter finals.

On Wednesday it was more of the same. Work and school. N had his tennis individual lesson which went well. He’d tripped over his friend’s hockey stick after tackling him so had badly grazed knees, so they mostly did serving. I finished off my key fobs I was trying. I think we’ll give these and a fabric covered notebook to N’s teachers and TAs for end of year gifts. We usually do a year group gift, but these can just be a little something from him.

Thursday and same with work and school. N has discovered my old tennis racket so has been playing against the rebounder with that. I’ve been buying new balls – we needed some more anyway, but are buying normal yellow balls ready for when he moves up in the new year – there’s not much point topping up on green balls with only half a year left. I managed to sort out extra private sessions with a more senior coach over the summer. He’ll do a few camps and will hopefully continue with his usual coach although we’ll have to switch days to avoid camp clashes. My flowers have finally started blooming in the garden wall which are so nice to see.

On Friday I had a nice early Tesco delivery with one broken glass which was a shame. I noticed my spring onions from 2 years ago that are now giants, have the flowers about to burst out of their pods. N got very excited because his tennis ball basket arrived – the little things excite him. He put it together, filed it with balls. It means easier picking up of balls, and it’s easy to get a whole load of balls to the courts. Their tennis lesson was good – helped by having a couple not there which meant they could all be on court all the time. I barely watched them, as there’s always another parent there now, so we chat.

Saturday was a day with nothing planned other than a quick trip into town. The weather was weird, as it was so wet there, but at home we didn’t have any rain. I started a jigsaw (I’ve not done one for over a month), read a bit, and just generally took things easy. I watched a bit of Wimbledon (Federer beating our last man standing Cameron Norrie, and a bit of 18 year old Emma Raducanu who’s quite a sensation with her matches so far), and we’ll watch England’s football match against Ukraine later.

4 handsewn wristlet keyfobs

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  1. I have been arranging our Summer activities and it is so expensive! I am sure N will have a great time with the lessons and camps though. I didn’t realise you could get different coloured balls I thought all tennis balls were yellow. The key fobs look brilliant. I really need to sort teacher gifts!

  2. My kids love a spinny office chair too LOL. I cannot believe its almost the summer holidays.Normally we have loads of plans but nothing booked at all so far

    1. I never usually would. Our year group organise something so I just join in that. But I’ve got things made, more than I could need, so thought that could be nice from N.

  3. I imagine that you are very happy with the England vs Ukraine result too. 🙂
    We are not planning holidays this year, for a number of reasons, but instead we are visiting places closer to home. Last month we went to a tour of underground tunnels in Liverpool and it was amazing. We saw them before, a few years ago, but we didn’t remember much, so it was a very good tour. With limited numbers of people attending the tour it was even better, as we could ask more questions and it was a better experience. We are so focused on visiting further afield that we miss what’s nearby and that’s a shame.

    1. The tunnels sound interesting. We rarely go abroad anyway, but haven’t even been away in the UK, compared to usually going 4-5 times a year. I can’t wait for all the advance booking and restrictions to go, and less threat of covid, then we’ll start.

  4. I hope the weather stays nice for the tennis.
    It sounds like you’ve been busy with work and looks like you’ve been busy with your sewing machine. Great work. x

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