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Farm children play – working and water fun

We’re so lucky being on the farm, as it means that even if we can’t get further afield (no pun intended!), there’s still plenty of space for the children to play outside.  Being farm children, there’s not really any excuse for loving being outside.

Many a day, N asks to play with his cousin, and vice versa, so quite often they’ll be with their dads over at the farm for 3pm tea break.  Then afterwards they have an hour or so playing together, usually at our house.

It’s great having them play together, as it’s a brilliant opportunity to get out the camera and take some shots of them.  Unfortunately, N’s cousin is at the stage where it’s all about pulling silly faces.

They do have a great time together, although it’s noticeable now his cousin’s at school, as how young in comparison N really is in his play – he just wants to do his own thing with his cousin.  He doesn’t understand 2 people role playing together.

toddler in john deere farm overalls looking at the ground

boy in john deere overalls
wall walking
Comedy picture – looks like N’s walking really low beneath the wall
funny faces
two boys water play

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    1. Definitely. Great place for children to grow up, although there are downsides – being further from friends, no popping round to each other’s house, no ice cream vans, etc

    1. Overalls are essential for being like daddy! Makes me laugh seeing them wondering around in them (although they’re not handy for potty training

  1. What lovely pictures! It’s so nice to for cousins to be close, I love extended families, children can learn so much from being a part of one!

  2. Lovely photos 🙂 I particularly like N’s cousin’s funny face! My cousins were all similar in age to me and we were all really close. Sadly, I barely see any of them now 🙁

  3. It’s great for boys to have playmates so near to hand and so close in age, Im sure they’ll remain close all through life. There is nothing quite like having lots of outdoor space to run around in and to shout in, especially when it’s safe to let them roam without having an adult in tow all the time. Lovely photos!

    1. Children do love water tables. Ours was an NCT sale bargain, but it’s doing well having been out for a couple of winters now.

  4. They look so happy playing alongside/together:) Rather envious they have cousins of similar age, my oldest child’s youngest cousin is 15 years older, and Danish!

    1. Kind of makes it hard when they’re that different and far apart. My own cousins are similar age to myself and my brother, but are almost 3 hours away, so we didn’t see them often – made great penpals though.
      I do think the 5yo is getting a bit annoyed with N, now that’s he’s more mature as he’s at school. Hopefully they’ll stay good friends as they get older.
      Thanks for commenting

  5. Oh I am so jealous!! We had to avoid the drunks on the way to preschool yesterday, I imagine you’re more about avoiding the ducks 😉

  6. What an amazing life it must be growing up on a farm. One of my best friends grew up on a farm in Cornwall that her parents still own and I am always envious of the stories she tells me – And the clear sky at night time without all the light pollution! x

    1. It really is idyllic. Although hard to explain to toddlers why daddy isn’t back in the evenings when it’s harvest/light in the evenings, and we never go out as a family because the OH is always working (am sure he could take some time off but he never does). The only downsides are that we have to get in the car to go anywhere even to buy milk or go to the pub, unless you want a 4+ mile round trip

  7. Relationships between kids are amusing. There’s always a younger child following the rest around. At N’s nursery he and a younger boy are good friends, but there’s a child in the younger room who adores N’s friend. It’s like a love triangle!

    1. They love playing together, and being outside. We’re lucky to have the freedom and the worst to worry about is making sure they know to only go down to the yard with an adult.

  8. He looks so happy there in his farming overalls. I think you will notice a huge change over the next 12 months with interaction with his older cousin. There is already a look of wonder in that last photo of them together. Lovely that they live close enough to be able to play together like this. Thank you for sharing a piece of everyday outdoors on your farm with Country Kids

    1. He loves to put on his overalls at any opportunity. You’re likely right about him catching up again over the next 12 months. We saw the same with his older cousins who had the same age split

  9. I do like how much N’s loving that silly face being pulled by his cousin! Lovely to have a little playmate in the family, and must be great to have that mush space for them to run about in.

    1. Overalls are pretty much essential wear for them on the farm, although they must have been boiling in them that day.

    1. I’m really pleased he has cousins so close (they’re all within 1.5 miles). My own cousins were 180 miles away, so we only saw them a couple of times a year. Means he won’t be a lonely only child as he’s got lots of close family around

  10. They’ll be growing up together having so many adventures outside on the farm.

    1. That’s what I’m hoping. The older cousins all get on well, and they were like N and his youngest cousin when they were younger

    1. It is bliss…the only downside is because it’s on a farm with animals, we do get lots of little bugs. Not great for sitting outside

  11. It must be fun to have a cousin to play with and so much outdoor fun on your door step. Lucky boys. #CountryKids

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