contemplating his next discussion point
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Toddler conversations – from music talk to childbirth

Whenever we’re in the car, we always end up talking about something that generally leads into a bizarre conversation.  I guess that’s toddler conversations for you.

The other day, Black Eyed Peas ‘I Got a Feeling’ came on the radio.  I love the song as it’s one of my old favourites to dance to.  I said to N that when he was in my tummy before being born, he used to kick and dance like mad whenever that track was played at my dancing.  Usually he quite likes the track, but he’d obviously change his mind.

‘Don’t like that music’.

‘You do usually, Mummy does.  And you used to like it before you were born, in my tummy’.

‘I’m not in your tummy’.

‘You were before you were born, then you came out of my tummy.  They had to cut you out of my tummy because you didn’t want to come out’

‘I did, I wanted to come out and see you’.  Hmmm, not how I remember it after 13 hours of being on a drip, and only going from 1 to 3 cm.

Then, having tummies in the conversation led N’s thinking onto other bodily matters.

‘I don’t want to have my willy cut off’.  Errr?

‘I’m a boy and you’re a girl, boys have willies.  You can go in Daddy’s tummy because he’s got a big tummy’.  Not sure he’d be pleased you think that!

Thankfully he didn’t then go on to proclaim how I had a fat tummy as well, and we managed to divert the conversation on to some more normal.  It’s always a bit of a concern as to which way a conversation with this 3 year old will go.

contemplating his next discussion point

Do you have strange conversations when driving with your children?  What did they think when you first told them about childbirth?

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    1. It’s delightful isn’t it, but definitely one to remember for later on in life to embarrass them. Hopefully he’ll not still be talking about them when older (although with his dad, I’m not convinced he’ll grow out of it)

    1. Thanks for hosting Wot So Funnee. We do have quite a few conversations along boys body parts…the obsession starts early!

  1. It’s true, the conversations do get both more honest and more surreal in a car. Perhaps it’s the lack of eye contact!

    My 3yo is currently going through a phase of being obsessed with having a baby in her tummy. She is determined that it’s not coming out, however! I suppose it’s preferable to my 8yo who now begs to watch One Born Every Minute with me …

    1. Oh yes, the baby in tummy. Thankfully N’s not into babies, and hasn’t started pointing out strangers (or my) fat tummies. I’m hoping being a boy, it’ll pass him by! N watched OBEM one day when I had it on repeat – for a birth. I thought he might have been concerned, but he watch it really closely, with me trying to explain…then went off to play afterwards with no questions thankfully.

  2. Hello there, this is great! I did a blog last year about the missing winky as I was asked where mine was! Loved your post, we have briefly discussed where babies come from but it’s quite a challenge! xx #magicmoments

    1. Ha ha, we’ve had the discussion about boys having willies and girls having private parts. He knows which have what, but likes to switch it around. I dread him going up to a woman and saying to them ‘you’ve got a willy’ etc. Could be embarrassing.

  3. Emma I love this! I couldn’t stop laughing. I love the strange, and funny places that my conversations with Buba go. I blog about them for Funny Phrase Day Friday each week so I can recall them when he is older and remember them myself as usually he has me in fits of laughter. I can’t wait until he is three I heard three year olds are the best to have a conversation with. This is a prime example. hahaha It’s crazy how something like a song can get to cutting off your willy! hahahaha Great post #magicmoment

    1. I know. They are brilliant conversations, and it’s great to read others and see how odd or not they really are! I just struggle remembering them all as I’m usually in the car at the time!

  4. Every day I say I wish my two could talk – and then I read posts like this and realise that actually I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet! #magicmoments

  5. We have skirted around the whole where did they come out of story, needless to say they just think they came out of my tummy! Love these questions though, always give you something to think about and answer 😉 #magicmoments

    1. I guess it’s a way of easing us in gently to the harder questions. Being on a livestock farm, the whole birth story should be quite straightforward really, so hopefully he’ll see a few births and have an understanding that it happens similarly to humans.

  6. lol lol Emma i love this .. i am not alone in the random and bizarre conversation!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments and making my day

  7. Lovely post, our 3 year old goes off on some incredible conversation journeys too. Sadly he has just started to stop us from singing along, he loves to navigate in the car and tell is which was to go, often we have to go the longest way round to get to our destination! Enjoy x

    1. My son could be your son. He is also a backseat driver and likes trying to send me on longer diversions, and he also tries to stop me singing. Must be a 3yo thing!

  8. Funnily enough I still have many odd and serious conversations with my children in the car, I think it is part of country life when everywhere is a car journey away so you actually end up with time then to talk.

    1. And you have it x6! Definitely have a lot of car journeys being in the sticks. Means more chance for talking, although I’m relieved that N’s good in the car compared with some of my friends whose children hate being in the car.

  9. My 5yo comes out with some absolute crackers 🙂 I’m terrible for remembering to write them down though! I love toddler conversations, they are just hilarious, and often remarkably clever 🙂

    1. I definitely suffer from not being able to remember them either. Usually because I’m in the car. It’s great when you can have questions, even if they make absolutely no sense!

  10. This is what I love about toddlers, my nieces and nephews would spout all sorts! I can not wait until I can have random conversations with my daughter!!

    Lovely post!

    Georgie xx

  11. I love conversations I have with my girls and have a notebook with lots of them in. They’re so funny and like your toddler go off in all sorts of directions!

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