project 365 week 21

Project 365 – photo a day week 21

Week 21 of project 365 and apart from last weekend, it’s been a bit samey.  No random shots this week, but I also feel like I’ve not taken many photos.  Maybe this week will manage some more to choose from.

project 365 week 21

Sunday was the day of N’s non birthday party and was lovely weather.  The party was at N’s nursery at their treehouse/forest school, so lots of outdoor play in the morning.  I love his outfit – Joules stripy polo shirt and red chino shorts (I think from Sainbury’s).  Very bold, and easy to spot him amongst the trees.

.Monday and I spotted some more new kittens in one of the boxes down in the farmyard.  Everytime I go down there, they seem to have had more kittens, but they’re often really small fully grown so it’s hard to tell if they’re kittens of not sometimes.  Still they’re very cute, even though they don’t usually hang around.

Tuesday was when N discovered the National Trust binoculars that I was sent after becoming a member.  I’m not sure what level of focus he could see, but he seemed to enjoy playing with them for a bit.

Wednesday N decided he wanted to go and find his dad when the tractor arrived back.  So they had a nice chat over the fence before N had to come in for bedtime.

Thursday and I was trying to get our Reading Eggs trial to work on the tablet.  Funny stuff going on with the sound – it only works sometimes, the rest is silent even though the mouths are moving.  Hoping we can get it sorted as early mornings are the only time we can really do educational things like this.  N’s too tired after nursery, and there’s not enough time to fire up the laptop before work.

Friday was a totally normal day.  I don’t know about anyone else, but N always runs away naked at bath times.  He seems to love stripping off, and ‘hides’.  Not very well.

Saturday was horrible weather until about 3.30 when the sun came out.  Of course, it was tipping it down while we did our chores in town.  N used his umbrella in the rain for the first time which was really sweet.  Although it didn’t last long as then he decided he just wanted his hood up.  I think the hood umbrellas are so much better – there’s less chance of him gouging out someone’s legs or other children’s eyes.

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    1. It took me a while to find a ‘hood’ umbrella. It’s great as he can put it up and down on his own without any finger catching.

      Definitely hoping for some more decent weather – weekends only would be fine (and maybe Friday as I’ve got a day off!)

  1. It’s so sweet when they think no one can see them when they are just hiding their face. My son used to do that too. Adorable.

  2. It’s been a typical summer week of weather this week hasn’t it?! Hope you enjoy your NT membership – we get loads out of ours 🙂

  3. That is a cute outfit. I do love the children’s clothing in Sainsburys 🙂 #365

    1. I do buy a lot of his clothes there, although all the nice stuff seems to have gone now. Much better than Tescos which is fairly limited for boys

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