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Project 365 – photo a day week 38

It’s week 38 of Project 365, photo a day and it’s a mish mash again.  One week I will try and have a theme going on, but I’m sure I’d forget halfway through!

Sunday – we visited Cogges Farm Museum, and N spend quite a bit of time in the soft play area in one of the barns.  Well, who could resist driving this tractor and moving bales.

tractor soft play at cogges farm museum

Monday – start of my diet.  The week started really well, and didn’t end too badly, although I’ve relaxed it a bit on Friday and Saturday.  I’m aiming for lots of fruit and veg, good proteins, reducing heavy carbs, and checking portion sizes.

15th Sep 2014 (Mon)

Tuesday – N’s been really tired this week, as proven by him falling asleep on the 3 minute journey home from nursery. I’m hoping he’s not getting the start of chicken pox (he had it mildly with only 5 spots before, so hoping that’s it for him and he won’t catch it again) as it’s going round nursery again.  Otherwise he’s as nutty as usual.

asleep in the car

Wednesday – a bit of playing out in the garden, N had found this oak tree twig down by the yard, so was then attached to it for the next day.  It was also the first time he wore his pumps without socks. Not something I liked, and thought he’d put socks on at nursery.  But no, he’s obviously like me and prefers not wearing socks.

play with oak tree twig

Thursday – the sheep arrived from market and took over the field overlooking our garden. There’s about 500 – it’s a bit noisy and full until they’ll get used to being here and then moved to other fields.

sheep arrived from market

Friday – our chest freezer has needed defrosting for ages (it hasn’t been able to shut properly for months).  I’ve been eating our way through everything, but there’s still quite a bit to get through.  So I started chiselling the ice away.  A whole sink full (utility sink hence the grubbiness – our kitchen sink is much cleaner, rest assured!).  It’s much better, but there’s one bit I couldn’t get off  (even with defroster spray), so the lid still doesn’t quite shut all the way.  Will have to try it again next weekend.

icy sink

Saturday – the weather finally broke with some rain showers.  Well, a bit heavier than showers first thing, and then not too bad later when we headed into town.  I love N’s umbrella and he carried it really nicely all round town today without gouging anyone’s legs as he swung it around.

bell shark umbrella
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    1. Well, the utility room is currently rammed full of N’s outdoor toys because we have no shed. And my craft stuff, and just everything really. The OH despairs. But it’s great to have the space for washing machine.

    1. Thanks, diet was going ok during the week. This weekend’s not been quite as good – well today anyway. Eating out is much harder motivation wise.

  1. Love the photo of N in the soft play area with the tractor. Defrosting freezers is not much fun – hope you have managed to get that job finished now.

    1. Er no. Still too much food in there. Need to get rid of some more so I can leave the lid open although I’m not too sure how you actually get melted ice out of a chest freezer!

    1. Glad it’s not just mine. Our sink’s next to the washing machine, so any revolting bits that are removed from there or the OH’s work trouser pockets, end up being left in the sink. Maybe the melting ice will help clean it.

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