food styling and photography session at blogcamp

Project 366 2016 week 20

This week’s Project 366 is week 20.  There’s been lots going on this week with the biggest research report I’ve managed being published, Blog Camp, school and dancing.  Lots of sleep needed this weekend.  Here’s what we got up to this week.

On Sunday we mooched round the garden and I noticed that the wild chives were coming up…having spread last year.  I’d not noticed their buds before – it’s great to plants that appear year after year so I don’t need to do much gardening.

wild chives

On Monday N went out to help his dad with jobs on the farm after school and I caught him going out to round up the sheep and move them back to one area.  We’ve had a couple of lambs escaping through the fence gaps so hopefully they’re now in the big field and won’t keep wandering off to another field.

running to round up sheep

On Tuesday this was pretty much my only photo of N in bed. I got back from dancing and found N was in our bed. He’s obviously tired because he’s been sleeping in until nearly 7 which is a lot better than his usual 5.15-6.15 wake up.

sleeping little boy

On Wednesday it was a freestyle dancing night.  It’s always a great night, getting the chance to dance in the beautiful Oxford Town Hall, and I get to enjoy walking in the late night buzz of the city back to the car.

phone box and lights in Oxford at night

On Thursday it was more after school play. N wanted to go over to the farm, so he was straight on his bike heading over there.

standing up cycling

On Friday he had a dentist appointment. All sweets are now being banned (he’ll have to have stickers instead of a sweet for doing his reading books without moaning and on time) and serious brushing going on, because she said we had to be careful that his teeth didn’t progress to any decay. Thankfully it seems N took in what she was telling him (because he won’t listen to me), and hopefully the OH listens too and stops letting his parents bring back bags of sweets for N.  Now I need to start finding some better and just as convenient snacks vs fruit snacks.

Once we got home N was a bit hyper so ended up with a dance around the living room.  It does make me laugh when he dances.  He’s definitely got some choice moves!

dancing to music

On Saturday it was Blog Camp run by Tots 100 in Birmingham.  It was great to catch up with several of the Oxfordshire Bloggers and catch the various sessions.  This was the food styling and photography session.  I won’t be taking up food blogging more than the occasional recipe – food photography just takes way too much time to do well.

food styling and photography session at blogcamp
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  1. I was very jealous not to be at BlogCamp! Love your photo of Oxford by nice. It’s great that N has so much freedom on the farm. Sorry to hear about his teeth – hope you can find something he is happy to eat for a treat/ snack.

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