Sunny Oxford Cornmarket street

Project 365 2015 – photo a day week 1

Ok, so a week in is only 3 photos, but I’ve signed up for Project 365 again this year.  I really enjoyed it last year, and now I’ve got my new camera, I’ve signed up for a few online photography courses, so there’s no excuse for not joining in.

This week’s photos:

Thursday the 1st, and N was up at an earlier time than previously this holidays.  He came into bed with me before I got up, then took over my tablet to play games on it while I went in the shower.  I came back in to find he’d stripped off his pyjamas and created himself a little nest.

Morning snuggles and tablet games

I’d hoped to book to see a local panto, but the matinees were full.  Then I heard about Oxford’s Story Museum running Snow and Tell story and music time over Christmas.  So Friday we headed into Oxford on a very sunny day.  N wasn’t happy walking up Cornmarket because the sun ‘hurts my eyes’.  I love the way the sun just streams down the street between the buildings.

Sunny Oxford Cornmarket street

Saturday we just spent pottering around.  It’s not often I do bathtime because N goes in the bath while the OH showers (bleurgh!), but the OH was out so I did the whole bathtime instead of just the drying and getting dressed stage. Grainy because of not wanting to use my good camera near water, but this was one photo which I loved.  It just shows how much N loves bathtime (despite moaning about going up for a bath), and just life in general.

bathtime smiles

If you’re new to Project 365 and want to join in, you can find out about it and link up over at The Boy and me via the badge below.

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  1. Life in general is good, and the whole purpose of the photography project. Love the sun streaming photo, but the best one is him snuggled in his little nest; just what The Boy would do.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. Loving the way he has snuggled in your bed, and bathtimes are always fun, apart from when you are trying to get them out!!

  3. N looks so comfy in his nest 🙂 We also missed our local pantomime but went to see Paddington instead. The storytelling you went to sounds like a great alternative.

  4. I’ve enjoyed seeing your P365 images during the last year. I took pictures most days of the last two years but haven’t been very good at sharing them. I’m going to try harder this year.

  5. Loving the sun rays on your walk photo! My son use to also take baths whilst OH was in the shower but now we just have a shower cubicle and I know Lewis misses his bath. x

  6. ha ha i love how he got himself all comfy in your bed!!! that made me smile.
    i love the sunlight streaming into the middle photos and bathtime is always fun !!i normally get a soaking though 🙁
    happy new year xx

    1. Oh yes. Funny how the sun just appears random days. Today’s been miserable. Temperature not above freezing and foggy all day. Depressing. Drive to work and nursery tomorrow could be icy. Hoping they’ve gritted the hill to nursery

  7. Now last time we visited Oxford I couldn’t remember the name of that Story Museum and our Oxford based friends seemed to know nothing about it. Thanks for the reminder. Love the shot in the bath.

    1. It’s a bit of a mystery place. I’d never heard of it until another blogger mentioned it, but handy to know about for adult and children events.

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