We’re back with Project 365, and it’s been a bit of a rubbish week photo wise.  I’m behind with both of my photography courses I’m doing, and I’ve not had my camera out much to practice. But I have managed to just about scrape through with a photo for each day….must try harder.

Sunday we went to Redwings Horse Sanctuary, and despite the freezing wind enjoying seeing the horses and donkeys.

dappled grey black and white - Redwings

Monday we finished off the final activity in our Weekend Box, a chinese dragon.

crafting - making a chinese dragon

Tuesday I was despairing at the state of the living room with all of N’s tractors out, plus Lego boxes. Of course, putting them away wasn’t in agreement with N’s views, so he decided that parking them up was the option to go for. That’s a lot of farm machinery.

parked up Bruder and and Britains tractor toys

Wednesday, N arrived home with his huge paper crown made at nursery. He spent the rest of the evening wearing it.  I’m wondering whether I can get away with chucking it now without him noticing because it’s just laying around not doing anything.

Wearing his paper crown

Thursday and N spent most of the evening playing with a Disney Planes toy we’d been sent to review.

playing with Disney planes

Friday and N wanted to play outside after nursery because it was sunny (but still bitterly cold). I took my camera out to take some photos – I loved the sight of the sun streaming onto the raindrops that were sitting on N’s unbuilt climbing frame.

water droplets in sunlight

Saturday was a mooching day. Usual things that needed to be done – hair cut for N, trip to the bakery, deli and butchers, swimming, and then a chance for N to go out on the farm with his dad. By the time he got dropped back at the house (he’d been falling asleep on the tractor), his wellies were in a real state.  Caked mud, interspersed with gravel. A sign of enjoyment for N though.

muddy wellies

So another busy week.  It makes me think that I need a holiday!

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  1. I love the wellies pic – really sums up a good time has been had. Some weeks are just a mix of business and normality but that’s life x

  2. I like your ‘arty’ pictures. All my pictures are snapshots and I think it means I’m not challenging myself to develop my photography skill. Hopefully your courses are paying off.

    • I think with the photos, I just need to get out specifically to practice. I’m thinking more about taking different photos, and now know how to practically change my manual settings, but other than that, I mostly take photos of N at weekends because that’s where I am. Hopefully I can get out more when the weather’s better

    • Thanks Vicky. I do love horses as well, but not enough to let N have one if he wants one. Too expensive and precious to look after.

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