new years day farming play with friends

Project 365 2017 week 1 – a new year

Happy new year, and welcoming to the new year of Project 365.  If you’re new it, it’s a photo a day for a year (or 4 years in my case).  I can’t believe I’ve managed it all that time, but I love to see what we get up to over the weeks, and it’s a great chance to take different photos and share them.  You can join in on your blog or if you don’t have one via instagram using and link up your weekly round up on there or a favourite from the week,   There’s also a Facebook group if you search for it.

So onto week 1 of project 365 for 2017.

New Year’s Day saw us at our friends’ house again – with another 25 people.  It’s always a great day, a chance for lots of our farming friends and their children to get together.  N was pleased that the old farming toys got brought out for the three five year olds to play with, while the older boys spent most of the afternoon out in the pouring rain.

new years day farming play with friends

On Monday, I caught N sitting on the radiator in the back room.  It’s meant to be  dining room but has never been used as one because we use the kitchen. It means it’s full of N’s toys hence the mess.

sitting on a radiator

On Tuesday I nipped out to the village shop and spotted a few of the houses still had wreaths up. This house is gorgeous so I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.

pretty house front

On Wednesday this was the only photo I took.  He’d not crept into bed with me for a month, but was there when I went to bed. Thankfully it was a one night only thing.

sleeping boy in bed

On Thursday I bought a new bag. I’d spotted it in Matalan a few weeks ago, and when I popped in I spotted it was in the sale for only £7. I was going to cut off the front 2 tassels, but it’s fine when using it. The strap’s a bit short for my liking, but for that price, I can replace my old gorgeous tan bag which is now navy on the back from rubbing against my jeans for 2 years!

black tassle saddlebag

On Friday the rain started. I’d gone out at lunchtime to pick up some tickets I’d ordered at the local arts centre for the OH’s birthday on Saturday, but the theatre was shut for the week after new year.  Very annoying, I had to write a note/cut out a picture of the show for the OH’s card in the interim. I wore my new boots for the first time.  I spotted them still in M&S in my size (I’ve already got a black pair), but my tan boots have given up the ghost so it was perfect timing.

new boots in the rain

On Saturday, I had my first Cadbury Mini Eggs of the year. I know it’s only just the new year, but I do like them, and it’s my last chance before my diet starts again on Monday.

first cadbury mini eggs of the yea

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  1. Oh no I LOVE mini eggs. This is not going to help the eat healthy resolution! Your photos are so fun. #project365

    1. It’s not meant to be a toy room. But N doesn’t play in his room, so toys end up everywhere. One day I will have somewhere to put all his outdoor toys, and maybe a cabin bed for extra storage upstairs.

  2. Sounds like a fun way to spend New Year’s Day 🙂 I do the same with shoes/boots if I find a pair I like that are comfortable! Love mini eggs, can’t wait to spot them in the shops here (right now the Valentine’s Day candy is filling the shelves…!).

  3. Ahh mini eggs!! I always end up getting boots in brown/tan and black especially when I find a pair I like. He looks so peaceful sleeping there 🙂 Happy New Year.

    1. Sensible it’s it. Because if you don’t you always wish you had done. I’ve got cowboy style boots in both colours too, but they’re not as comfortable since having N because I think my feet grew a bit, so I must try and sell them on or charity shop them because they’re still immaculate

    1. It certainly is. I used to work at Cadbury, and it was the aim for all the independent shops at least to have the mini eggs and creme eggs in the shops the day after Christmas, to make the most of the selling season.

  4. Lovely photos to kickstart the year, I desperately need a new bag, as mine is actually falling apart but I can never decide, hence why if I find something like a pair of boots I like, I tend to get a couple of pairs in different colours, so I am totally with you on that one

    1. I do see lots of bags I like, but I usually want them to be big enough for a water bottle. This one isn’t but it should be fine for short trips. Buying different colours is something I do too.

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