365 week 2 collage

365 Photo a day – Week 2, days 5 to 11

Well, it’s certainly harder than I thought remembering to take a photo every day, and that includes me randomly snapping away at things I see on my lunchtime walks into town.

Here’s my day 5 to 11 shots.

365 week 2 collage

5th – It’s a January of birthday parties, and the one last week had a ‘photo booth’ idea. N had to be encouraged to dress up, but once he gets going he really gets going!

6th – I tend to go for a walk most lunchtimes from work, and quite often go past this pink building. No idea when it got painted, but also, no idea why you would paint an office pink…unless you’re selling Barbie products.

7th – N dropped his naps just before Christmas, but first couple of full days back at nursery plus no naps on catch up at the weekend meant he’d fallen asleep on the 2 minute journey back from nursery.

9th – obviously N’s getting a bit into dressing up, and he spotted my boots again in the morning so decided to totter around and admire himself in the mirror.  Let’s hope he gets over the vanity (and preferably wearing my boots) at some point.

10th – I don’t whether N’s on a growth spurt (I’ve not noticed he’s particularly grown), but N does nothing but want food throughout the day.  He’s a bit partial to a croissant, although has started wanting to eat it with a fork.

11th – first proper day out in a long time, for a trip to Burton Dassett Country Park.  there’s nothing there other than hills, but N loved it.

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  1. I like the pink building, it looks rebellious in between all of those austere houses. Did you manage to get your boots back?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

    1. Yes. Boots back in place. Luckily he doesn’t usually wander out of the bedroom in them, so I don’t have to relocate them.

      You’re right about the building. Definitely stands out and makes a point.

    1. He does love his sleep, so I was surprised at him just dropping his naps suddenly. It was amazing though how after lifting him from the car seat and into the house, how quickly he suddenly picked up and was back to bouncing all over the place until bedtime.

  2. The glasses and outdoor photos are fabulous. I’ve been setting a reminder during the week for 365 so I don’t forget to take a photo when I’m working 🙂

    1. I think coloured buildings are great generally – in coastal towns, Galway comes to mind, or in Cornwall. But in the middle of a market town where it’s the only one – it’s a bit odd. I guess it stands out though.

    1. Whenever he dresses up, it always seems to be in princess dresses at nursery. There’s 3 boys who’re always putting the dresses on. Obviously ‘boys’ outfits just don’t cut it!

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