walking at Burton Dassett Country Park - Bubbablue and me

A blustery walk at Burton Dassett country park

On new year’s eve, despite the wind and rain we did manage to get out for some fresh air.  I’d aborted going to Burton Dassett Country Park one day because it was really windy, but the next it wasn’t quite as windy so we decided we’d head out for a walk.

walking at Burton Dassett Country Park - Bubbablue and me

Luckily we didn’t take the kites, I think we’d have taken off if the kites hadn’t snapped.  It was so windy there.  We snuggled up in hats and coats and stomped off towards the mystery stone round ‘building’.  Of course N wanted to go to the highest point.  I did have to grab hold of him and try and shield him from the wind in case he blew off the ridge.  All that food he eats has some benefit of keeping his weight on the ground!

Pepperpot building at Burton Dassett Country Park
chilling at Burton Dassett
chilly walk at Burton Dassett country park

Despite it just before lunchtime,  the sky was stunning where the sun was trying to burst through the clouds.

And a blue sky which belied the horrendous rain storm that was coming our way.

atop the ridge at Burton Dassett country park

Burton Dassett was pretty busy with families and friends obviously having a walk with all their Christmas guests and in preparation for their evening celebration.

We simply went where N wanted to go.  I pointed out places we could see, spotted a stranded kite, explored the dips small hills, and of course walking through a huge puddle.  N was determined to get me walking to the top of a ridge, even though I was only in walking trainers (my wellies are just too tight round my legs and the neoprene inside is rolling down because of it, so I hate wearing them).  The little stony path got us up and down safely without slipping down on bottoms.

picnic bench seat at Burton Dassett
running at Burton Dassett country park
climbing to the ridge

We had a brief read of the different places to see on the information sign before heading off.  We didn’t stay long butj ust a brief walk was enough to feel refreshed.  Five minutes after getting home, the heavens opened in an almighty rainstorm, so I was pleased we’d left when we did,

Because the area’s vast, with different view point and historic points to look out for, it’s not often you end up walking around with crowds of other people.  So it’s great to get out and just relax.  I do prefer having more buildings and things to look at but it was certainly a good way to clear the head rather than eating more puddings and cheese!

Do you have a country park near you?  What’s your favourite place for a walk near you?

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    1. Yes I was surprised you couldn’t ring up to pay but it’s only £2 for the day, so not too much faff. I always plan to go in summer and take a picnic but noone left anything previously.

  1. It looks like the perfect place to get out and blow away the cobwebs, especially by the sound of how ferocious the wind was. N looks in his element running around racing to the top of each ridge. It sounds like you got home just in time too, but it’s great you found some time to get out with N. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    1. Definitely good to get out. We just need to find some new places near home, because so many we have to travel. Annoying to not have more as close as Burton Dassett

  2. What an interesting little building at the top there, certainly looks like brisk weather. Like all the bumps in the landscape, make you wonder what they all are.

  3. There is nothing like a country walk in the fresh air – even with full scale winds! That looks like a lovely place for a walk x

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