wildflower in snow

Project 366 2016 week 3 – crochet, birthdays and snow

This week’s finally seen a little snow.  Well, enough snow to last half a day and to go out for a photo walk.  Otherwise this week’s Project 366 has been back to the normal working day and trying to photography during the evenings.

On Sunday we woke to snow.  I’d not been expecting it but thankfully was gone by lunchtime.  N went off to play at his cousin’s house, and I went on a walk with my camera.  Back at home in the garden I noticed a couple of flowers that had been just coming out, covered in snow and ice.

wildflower in snow

On Monday it was back to work and school.  N’s been really tired since being back at school.  I don’t know whether it’s the 3 PE sessions each week that’s new, or just working harder on non-play learning with learning phonics and starting to read.  Or whether it’s just the precursor of his cold he had later in the week.

sleeping boy with teddy

On Tuesday I went to a different dance class because my normal one wasn’t on.  I went to Abingdon which is a bit of a trek, but my usual class wasn’t on.  It was a different format as well, so just one intermediate level class, then freestyle for the rest of the evening.  I’ve not been back to dance with ceroc for 5 years, and I had a great evening.  I don’t think I had a bad dance, and had 3 or 4 really amazing ones.  Nice to get your money’s worth and catch up with a couple of old acquaintances from those years ago.

ceroc dancing at Abingdon

On Wednesday we had a bit of a work trip out, heading to the Ardley Energy Recovery Facility (basically the big green waste facility building you see from the M40 near Junction 10.  It was really interesting to find out the work they do on preventing households’ non-recycling waste and ensuring it’s all used in some way.  This dinosaur sculpture is one made from rubbish.

dinosaur sculpture made from rubbish

On Tuesday I found N lying in the kitchen, gawping at his new scooter.  He really loves it, so it was definitely a good buy.

checking out his new microscooter

Embarrassingly, my brother had forgotten N’s birthday so brought over a card and presents on Friday.  N loves spending time with his uncle, and we’re lucky that he’s only 2 miles down the road so drops in quite a bit.  N doesn’t usually wear shorts in winter, but for the second day this week, he’d been so wet and muddy from ‘tidying up’ muddy planks of wood in their outdoor learning area, that he’d had to change and wear his PE shorts.

relaxing with his uncle

On Saturday, N and I spent time checking out tents, a spot of shopping and then mooching in the house in the afternoon.  I’ve also been trying to finish off my blanket now I’ve got the 2 balls of wool that I’d run out of.  I’m a little concerned that the final colour is also going to run out before it’s totally finished. Annoying considering the makde up pack is way off in size and yarn amount.  I’m using the right size crochet hook, but my blanket’s going to be nearer 2 metres cubed vs the instructions which say 95cm!

crochet stripy blanket

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  1. Love that snow picture! We missed the snow, girls were gutted but I wasn’t!

    That dinosaur sculpture is pretty cool!

  2. Maybe your tension is wrong for your crochet, that would explain it being bigger and using more wool.
    Happy belated birthday N, glad he likes his scooter, and love the pic of him with his Uncle, relatives make for great friends.
    Love the recycle dinosaur, very cleverly done/

    1. Yes, I guess it is that, but to be so massively out when my sizing check wasn’t too far out, does seem strange. Mind you, a blanket less than a metre square would be a bit pointless!

  3. Wow, that’s one super dinosaur! Glad you enjoyed a dance evening, it sounds great fun. Love the little man asleep photo, very cute. We had literally two teaspoons of snow, it’s interesting how different it was from one end of the county to the other.

  4. aww I love your frosty flower photo. I am so jealous of everyone who got snow last week.

  5. The picture of the flower in the snow is stunning! I have a brother very similar to that. My eldest will be 15 this year, but he still couldn’t tell you when his birthday is (or any of the other kids either). The waste dinosaur is fab and love the picture of N looking at his scooter.

  6. that dinosaur culture is amazing isn’t it? so clever and creative .
    I am not surprised N is so tired – that is a a lot to contend with at such a young age. I do think school expect a lot from 4 year olds!
    I love that photo of the snowy covered flower x

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