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Forever blowing bubbles

I’ve loved seeing all the bubble photos and play over the last few weeks, and fancied getting the bubbles out at home.  Obviously if your toddler goes to any birthday party, then you’re bound to have a bottle of bubbles around the house.

We have several, but N’s still a bit rubbish at blowing bubbles.  I think it’s a matter of him thinking he’s blowing bubbles like at swimming, so puts his mouth actually into the bubble wand.  Then he’s also not good at pulling the wand out the bottle without spilling everything, not having any bubble mix on the wand, and then holding it in totally the wrong place so he can’t blow into the right place.  Drives me mad, as to me it seems quite straightforward.  Obviously being a 3 year old, there’s no way he’ll let me help.

So, I decided it was time to get something that he could use to make bubbles.  Cue a trip to Wilkinsons (love that place for cheap outdoor toys!), and a debate on bubble machines.  I decided to go for a bubble gun (cheapskate!), and a couple of wands (bargain 2 for £2 I think they were).  My theory was that N could waft them around and hopefully get on better with those.  Didn’t quite work out.

We usually go out quite early at weekends, whether it’s to do chores or just because N wants to get out and see what’s going on in the farmyard, so it was a perfect time to get the bubbles out.

Needless to say, although he was excited about having a bubble wand, he still didn’t grasp the idea that you didn’t just shake it and bang it around fast to get bubbles out.  I tried to teach him just to walk holding it, or to move it, arms outstretched, slowly from left to right.  Nope, he still didn’t get it.  Just jiggled it in a way that all the bubble mix just dribbled away without any bubbles.

running after bubbles

So it all fell down to me to create bubbles while he ran around chasing them.  What’s brilliant, is that he’s now understanding to watch the bubbles and follow them, rather than just standing gormlessly waiting for them to come to him.  Hopefully he might be getting closer to catching balls and being more aware that you need to watch those and move to them too….lazy child, waiting for them to come to him! catch the bubbles bubbles playing with bubbles stamping out bubbles

I loved watching him play and stretch, stomp and laugh.  Taking photos while wafting bubbles is definitely something to be practiced.  I think next time, we’ll have to get the bubble gun out as then I’ll hopefully get some better shots, and will be able to move round so he’s facing me. catching bubbles chasing bubbles splat the bubble

I’d also love to try and make giant bubbles.  I’ve found a few tutorials on Pinterest, so I’m looking forward to trying those sometime..

He would be so impressed with that, and I reckon even the older nephews and niece would love a go too.  Maybe in readiness for the next big family meal?

How do your children get on with blowing bubbles?  Have you tried making giant bubbles?

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  2. Awww so lovely. I love bubbles as much as the kids. We just bought a big bubble maker this morning. Can’t wait until the rain goes away so we can test it out. Photos look lovely. #countrykids

  3. Lovely photos. It seems strange now that he can’t blow bubbles, but I guess a fair few skills have to come together to make it happen. When we were at Wychwood Festival last weekend there was an amazing bubble stall with some really giant bubbles. Even my 10 year old son got back into bubbles and bought himself a new bottle of mixture.

  4. The fun of bubbles! I’m sure N will grasp the concept of blowing the wand very soon – especially if he has older cousins around to show him. In the meantime he had his Mummy providing lots of great bubbles to chase and catch. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

    1. Hopefully the realisation that bubble mix tastes disgusting, and that they don’t work with your lips right up to the wand!

  5. I love bubbles but my son loves them if hes not blowing them. So its just me and sometime is gets hard when you’ve been doing it for long.

    So I am also heading to Wilkinson’s to buy a bubble gun! #countrykids

    1. N just needs to slow down, whether it’s blowing the bubbles or moving the wand. He’s just too quick adn snappy, so loses the bubble mix before the bubbles are given chance to form

  6. Looks as if he had lots of fun. As well as our fab Wilko fan type machine, we have a static one, that great for kids, put it on the ground/lawn press the button and away it goes! Reminds me I need to dig our one out.

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