pulling faces

Project 365 2017 week 17

I thought this week’s Project 365 would be lacking photo options because several days I didn’t recall taking any. I’m finding it seems to be same old, same old things I’m seeing, so I’m not feeling that inspired.  But I managed the week, so on to next weeks.

I did get my camera back from its repairs, and all is sorted.  I’m happy to have it back, although it does feel weird having a big camera back in my hands again.

The cooking apple tree blossom was looking beautiful this week and I got out on Sunday to take a few photos. I mentioned on Instagram that I never see the eating apple tree with blossom, although it does fruit. Then today I noticed it did have white blossom. It’s just overshadowed by the 2 cooking apple trees.

cooking apple blossom

On Monday, photos were lacking, but I did manage this (very bad photo) of N helping me folding the washing up.

helping with hanging up washing

On Tuesday I was reading a local free ‘newsletter/whats on pamphlet’.  Oops to the title. Methinks they need better proof-readers.

spelling issues

On Wednesday I went to a dance night at a new venue in Milton Keynes. It’s just under an hour drive and was nice to check out somewhere new. I do need to try and get back to dancing regularly. It’s still a bit hit and miss due to the OH’s erratic work not having him home in time.

dancing in Milton Keynes

On Thursday I wanted to show N how wild and long his hair was getting.  Of course I didn’t quite get that photo, instead he was the one going wild rather than his hair.

pulling faces

On Friday it was back to tennis club again. They’re trying to make the juniors more part of the club so they’ll be able to have club sweatshirts (a shame they’re the same colour as his school uniform as well – would be nice to have something different, especially as you’d never wear royal blue on the tennis court). They’re also planning a parent child tournament. Given that the younger ones can’t rally particularly well, it could be interesting. Oh and I can hardly hit the ball anymore let alone actually serve or get the ball in the court.  This photo was him eventually coming out from the park after his tennis lesson.

time to go home from the park

On Saturday, we went to get N’s hair cut, and as we walked through the alleyway to the barbers I spotted this amazing house complete with a lot of wisteria.

wisteria on house front

Project 365 logo

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  1. oops on the man draw, well spotted. I love the look of the wisteria but my mind goes straight to worrying about the damage to the brick work

  2. we throw socks and other small items in the tumble dryer, for all the time they take to dry I cannot be bothered to hang them up.
    Love the wisteria house often wonder how much damage that must do encouraging the damp to linger etc.
    Nothing long or wild about his hair.

  3. Wow, that is a very grand looking house! I do love the photo of N going a bit wild!
    And ‘The Man Draw’ actually causes me physical pain! How on earth could they have had nobody working on the publication who to pick up on that?!

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