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School Days – bouncing and a fire engine

It was the first week back at school for us after Easter.  It whizzed by as life tends to do, and was pretty quiet.  N’s talking less about school now – there’s lots of don’t remembers and a few random things then get mentioned.  Hopefully he’ll get a bit more forthcoming again as the term goes on.

New topic – jumping and bouncing

N had mixed feelings about their new topic for the term.  It seems there was a vote in Class 2, but because his group of year 1s were in with their normal Class 1, they didn’t get to vote. So the new topic is jumping/bouncing. A bit strange, but it works across science, maths, PE, arts, natural world with animals and humans.

Now they’ve started working on it though, it’s growing on him.  For starters they got to test out balls of differing sizes. And he’s been talking about jumping lambs in the field. So it might seem like an odd topic but if it’s inspiring children, that works for me.

Class assembly

N came home with line for his class assembly. It’s a bit of a sort point for me, because I don’t think by this stage, his year 1s should still be in the class with foundation stage.  I think they should have moved up to fully be with their peers by now.  N is happy though because he thought they might have moved up to Class 2 so would have missed both being in the Class 2 assembly last term, and the Class 1 one this term.

He wasn’t impressed that he had 3 lines to learn.  All the year 1s have 3 lines.  It did worry me how he’d apply himself to learn them, but he knows them, and now all I need to do is encourage him to speak up and slowly.

Reading non-fiction

Yawn, reading books are coming home from school this week and they’re all non-fiction at the moment. It’s given us the means to discuss how reference books are set out, but to listen to him reading about skate boards is so dull.

We’re still finding it hard to get N to read his books, but hopefully he’ll get back into it again.  A break always makes it hard to get back into, but I find it nearly impossible to get him to read any books over holidays.

pulling faces

School routine

N was really tired starting back at school again.  He didn’t have tennis after school on Monday, but had the sports club on Tuesday. Once he got home he flaked out on the sofa by 6.30.  Thankfully that didn’t continue through the week and he was back to his normal bright and cheery self in the evenings.

Fire engine visit

Last term, the fire engine visit for the infant part of the school had to be postponed. So this week it arrived and according to N it was in school for a whole ‘nearly 2 hours!’.  The children got to go on the vehicle, although that’s the only part N told me about.

I love that their school has so many visitors to it – whether it’s parents talking about their jobs, authors, or other professionals, it’s great that the children can get inspired by different people they might not come across in life outside school.

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  1. I can remember Helen coming home with some very complex lines to learn. Also interesting what you say about N’s reading. You’re a teacher so you’ll know this, but I think it is a boy thing. I helped in my daughter’s school for a while and in the earliest stages girls developed an interest in reading much quicker than boys. Evens out in the end…..but good luck!

    1. Oh I’m not a teacher, must have got me mixed up. The boy thing is definitely a big thing. He spent the whole of reception playing and not wanting to read or write, hence him being in the lower Yr1 class this year. He loves books though, just hates having to read them.

    1. Yes, I got to see the assembly. I was really pleased how quickly he learnt his lines. And he was the only one not to stumble over any of them.

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