Wasgij mystery 24 blight at the museum

Wasgij Mystery 24 Blight at the Museum solution

I’m thinking maybe the newer Wasgijs are going to become more challenging. I’ve still the other January launch Wasgij puzzles to complete, but Wasgij Mystery 24 Blight at the Museum was harder than most of the more recent puzzles have been.

With the Wasgij Mystery range, they’re usually fairly simple as much of the outline remains the same as the box image. You’re then trying to work out what happens next to find the solution and complete the puzzle.

Wasgij mystery 24 blight at the museum

With Blight at the Museum, it’s a school trip to somewhere like the Natural History Museum with a beautiful museum building and dinosaurs galore.

What happens next? What goes wrong?  Of course, it’s carnage.

I completed the puzzle using the same method as always that I share in my step by step guide.  It was still quite hard with all the yellowy brown building and dinosaur pieces. But as always, it’s satisfying to finish it, and notice all the comedy moments that are going on in the image.

Find the solution to Mystery 24 below.

You can find all my other Wasgij solutions on my guide post, and if you’re after a board to complete puzzles on, my favourite is the Portapuzzle*.

wasgij mystery 24 blight at the museum solution

Let me know how you get on with these newer Wasgij puzzles.

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