bedside table with water and cold remedies

Project 52 2023 week 5

Week 5 of the year, and for Project 52. Here’s what we’ve been up to….mostly being ill (for me anyway).

A really lazy day on Sunday. I had a bit of a lie in, then spent the day mostly reading, doing some of my new Wasgij puzzle, and adding in some Duolingo. N went out on the farm in the afternoon.

Monday was a hard slog at work. I didn’t get chance to get out and pick up a brake light for my car, so had to get in after tennis before Halfords shut at 8. Luckily we just made it and thankfully no more warning lights are coming on in the car.

On Tuesday work was busy again. N’s football club wasn’t on, so I could have picked him up from the bus stop. I’d arranged the OH to pick him up because I was going to the theatre and thought he’d be on the late bus. But all was sorted, N went off on the farm with the OH while I went off to Oxford to see Giselle at the New Theatre thanks to press tickets. I took Mary from Over 40 and a Mum to one with me, so we had chance for a bit of a catch up before the show. 

Wednesday was teachers strike day 1. N’s school had Year 11 adn 13 in school, so he was at home. Some of his teachers obviously weren’t working as they set online work for them. But for other classes, the school had set generic subject work for the different key stages. N was finished by 11ish, so he did a lot of xbox playing while I worked. In the evening it was football training. The first in a long time now the pitch isn’t in such a state. Apart from the coach, I was the only parent who turned up early to help put up the mobile floodlights. 

On Thursday the cold arrived. First time I’ve been properly ill for a few years. My glands were right up, runny and blocked nose. I still worked, although frustrating when you’re so busy that you can’t really take time off to be ill, then have people trying to get you to take on other people’s work because they’re too stressed and busy. Sigh.

Friday I was still ill. I didn’t get much sleep so it was quite a tired day working. N had tennis group in the evening. The sessions are much better now they’ve got the kids working much harder.

On Saturday, I still wasn’t feeling great, N’s football match wasn’t too successful playing one of the top teams, although N was happy with how much time he got on the pitch, and how he played. I tried to avoid getting too near anyone with my lurgy. I had to cancel going out for a meal for a friend’s birthday. The OH still went, while N and I had a movie evening at home instead.

bedside table with water and cold remedies

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  1. How nice to catch up with Mary. I always work through being ill. It’s easy to do when you work at home I guess. The only time I didn’t was when I had covid. I love the way you say you haven’t been busy but you do so much running around for the different clubs #365

  2. How lovely to see Giselle. Sophie had work set on the strike day too but we managed to get through it quickly and enjoy having fun the rest of the day. Sorry that you finished off the week feeling unwell. Hope you are feeling better now. #project365

  3. sOrry to hear you’ve been poorly, hope it’s all clearing up now and you’re feeling a bit better. I haven’t seen Mary for ages, must rectify that soon

  4. NIce you got to go to the theatre and had a catch up with Mary!

    So sorry to hear you are not well. Hope you are fully recovered soon.

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