misty sunrise looking across trees in winter, pink and purple sky

Project 52 2023 week 6

Week 6 of the year didn’t start well. I was still ill with the cold from hell, and there was also family illness. Here’s our week 6 of Project 52.

Sunday was a dull one as I didn’t feel great still.  N had his monthly  junior club tennis session. I stayed in the car so didn’t get to chat to the other parents. I just tried to relax for the day, although it never works like that when you’re a mum as I still needed to cook, do washing, and sort the dishwasher.

On Monday it was back to work. I still felt a bit off, but by lunchtime was feeling a bit more like myself. I did a covid test just in case, but all negative so that’s a relief. After quite a sunny warm day, it was back to freezing for N’s private tennis lesson.

Tuesday was non stop with work. I am being quite strict about trying to finish on time and I no longer start early. The morning is my time to set chores off, read and do a bit of Duolingo before I turn on my laptop. Hopefully it means I’ll be able to stop going over the flexi time allowance we get, so I don’t lose out. I was late picking up N off the late bus, so met him being driven out of the village by my brother who’d arrived home at the same time as N’s bus.

On Wednesday I managed to get a break and out at lunchtime, just to a small nearby town. I needed the butchers to get one of their pies (the best ones as approved by the OH and N). Only to find the shop was shut and posters on the windows saying the landlord had repossessed his property. Oops. A shame because it was a handy butchers to get to during my lunch break.  Football training was cancelled which was a shame, but gives us a lot more time in the early evening for tea.

Thursday was a gorgeous day weatherwise. It was so nice to see blue skies and warmth. N came home in his short shirt sleeves!

On Friday it was my short work day. I’m still sniffling and have a husky voice, but feeling much better finally. I spent quite a bit of time doing Duolingo. There was a new boy at tennis group who turned out to be from the year above at N’s school. The coach is thinking come better weather, he might try and sort out some friendly matches with other clubs. 

Saturday was an early start with an away football match. The wonkiest pitch, and we only had 1 sub this week, so it was hard work for the boys. But they played so well (even without some of their best players), and they gave the other team quite a thrashing while keeping a clean sheet. It means they go through their group in the cup in 2nd place, and through to the ‘consolation’ cup. He had a treat KFC lunch on the way home, and a smart new haircut in the afternoon. 

We also played some board games in the evening. A nice day interspersed with finishing watching the 2nd Clarksons Farm tv show (or N watched it all, we’ve only caught bits of it so far).

misty sunrise looking across trees in winter, pink and purple sky

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  1. I’m glad you started to feel better. It’s a shame the local butchers closed. So many businesses are struggling at the moment. I’m trying to be stricter with my work hours. Sometimes with deadlines, it isn’t easy #365

  2. Sorry to hear you have been poorly, it seems to be going around our house too. Isaac has been doing duolingo too for French, although he is doing a Spanish GCSE……it is because he is off to France with school in June

  3. Glad you are finally feeling better. You are right that it is hard to get rest when you are a mum and still have things to get on with.

    That is a gorgeous capture of the sky!

  4. I am glad you are feeling better. Good on you about being strict about your working hours. You need time for yourself.
    Well done to the football team, it sounds like they’re doing fantastic. x

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