A year or so before N was born I decided I wanted to get a decent shower put in the bathroom, and change it all to white.  Duly done, although it’s still a little unfinished (no blind, no splashback on the sink), and we’ve had no end of problems with the toilet so it’s rarely used.  But the shower is bliss because we have a pump.  But our towels are still a hotch potch of colours and makes.

Folding bamboo towel elephants and a review - Bubbablue and me

I wanted white décor so any colour towel would go (although we do have blue panels around the bath).  Although I’ve bought new towels in the past (and been given some), they’ve either not lasted, or we’re used them til they’re thin. So being asked to review bamboo towels from The Towel Shop was a chance to try them out and decide if I wanted to buy a proper set of towels.

I chose the charcoal grey – I think dark colours are much cosier in winter and when they arrived I was surprised at how soft they were although the kingfisher colourway was also calling me.

Not only are they supersoft, but the biggest selling point of bamboo towels is their absorpency, 3x more absorbent than cotton.  And you can tell, they dry you off well without feeling really wet themselves. With bamboo being fast growing and taking less space than cotton, it means using the plant for textiles means it’s eco-friendly and sustainable.

The towels are also machine washable at 40 degrees which is essential these days for busy families, and their natural properties mean they’re antif-ungal and odour free.

I’ve been really impressed with these towels, and am definitely thinking of expanding my collection.

For a bit of fun I decided to make some towel animals. N wasn’t impressed, but it’s a bit of fun.  Can you guess what it is?

folding towel elephants

Hopefully, an elephant – here’s the full instructions for making a towel elephant and you can see my video on my facebook page.

I’ve also been given a bamboo towel bale to giveaway to one lucky reader.  Just describe your dream bathroom in the comments (no need to complete url box if you don’t have a website), then complete the rafflecopter widget to enter.

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  4. There is one prize of a bamboo towel bale (bath sheet, bath towel, hand towel and flannel)
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Disclosure:  I was sent towels for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. A waterfall show with copper splash back and copper bath

  2. Natalie Crossan

    My dream bathroom would be self cleaning!

  3. I’ve just changed my bathroom – took a shower cubicle out and put in a bath. I’d like a nice jet spa type bath but just being able to soak after years of only having a shower is great. The only thing is there’s some exposed floorboards showing where the previous owner didn’t bother laying tiles under the shower!

  4. Monika Bascombe

    my dream bathroom would have a bath and a jacuzzi built in the floor

  5. Marie Rule

    Lots of slate and a huge power shower with jet streams.

  6. Carly Belsey

    A walk in shower, plus a bath, nice fluffy rug and fluffy towels on the radiator, lovely

  7. sharon martin

    a large room with a nice deep bath and a view of the sea

  8. My dream bathroom would have a massive bath, a walk-in shower with several power jets, 2 sinks that are bowl-shaped and the whole thing is set in stone.

  9. Debbie Preston

    My dream bathroom is big with a Jacuzzi bath, large walk in shower – and both are self cleaning!!

  10. Tracey F

    It would just be a massive wet room, with lots of towel radiators.

  11. Fiona jk42

    My dream bathroom has an old-fashioned claw foot tub in which I can take a long soak. Our old house had just such a bath and I used to enjoy it after a day of heavy gardening. Our current house hasn’t got a bath we can use as the bath leaks and all the pipework needs replacing, so I have not been able to have a bath since last August!

  12. Laura Whittle

    Warm woods, lot’s of storage, massive walk in shower, dimmable lighting, jacuzzi bath and lot’s of cosy touches like candles, soft towels and baskets x

  13. Keith Wallbanks

    Cool, clean, pale walls, torrents of hot water, wonderful view of the mountains

  14. Sion Gibby

    Big – his n hers sinks, surround sound music, walk in rainforest shower. All white

  15. Patricia Avery

    Not too fussed on looks so long as its easy to clean but an essential is to have an hour or two of uninterrupted ‘me’ time to enjoy it ! 🙂

  16. Angela Kelly

    My dream bathroom would have the world’s biggest shower and piped-in music.

  17. Deep roll top bath, in which I can soak in luxurious bath oils for hours and hours. Underfloor heating to keep my feet warm. And a deep cherrywood floor.

  18. Carmen Elena

    I would like my bathroom to be mint green or yellow or something mixed with these colours , it is small so i need these colours to make it bigger for the eyes, with a shower cabin and the washing machine inside, with laundry basket yellow and with yellowish furniture. Lots of showers gel to choose from and towels, either green or white or any colour but manyyy the same colour.
    A small carpet, simple pattern or maybe a cartoon character (twitty). That is about all the ideas that i have on my dream bathroom .

  19. Carmen Elena

    This is such a cool ideea for children too see and for guest. Thank you for it!

  20. Sandra Jo Siddall

    My dream bathroom would be cream coloured floor tiles – A lovely white free standing bath and a walk in power shower with a white and gold shower curtain with matching blinds.

  21. Maureen M

    A large bathroom,large grey/white tiles (less grout to clean with big tiles) luxury classic white suite that will never date, including a walk in shower.

  22. A huge and luxurious bath with loads of expensive products to use in it. I suppose a loo and basin are required but I only care about the bath.

  23. jackie rushton

    Rainfall shower, chrome accessories, floating sink, white tiles, wooden floor

  24. Lisa Pond

    A wet room with trees everywhere so I could pretend I’m in the jungle

  25. Shannon Mostert

    Large bathtub, that has the jet sprayers/bubbles. Luxurious towels, scented candles. His and hers wash basins.

  26. Allison Sherwood

    My dream bathroom would be huge with a large slipper bath set on a kind of island in the middle of the floor. A huge walk in shower and most important of all…..a very good lock so I can enjoy peace and quiet while I’m in there .

  27. Lauren Main

    All white, huuuge shower with water coming in from lots of angles. Huge mirror.

  28. Warm floors and toilet, fans that removed all fogging and condensation on mirrors, tub with shower (and good pressure), hot/cold combi taps to set and keep a good temperature, well lit, mirrored cabinet, storage for all my bits and bobs, heated towel dryers, double sink, and space to move in. Also, something to occupy my 4 year old so that I can have a moment’s privacy!

  29. Niki Wardle

    My dream bathroom would be a wet room, with a huge bath with a Waterfall tap and an inbuilt music system, I love listening to music in the bath!
    Basically a million miles away from the bathroom I have now!

  30. Hazel Rea

    My dream bathroom would have underfloor heating, a walk in shower and heated towel rails.

  31. anita Roberts

    I would love a really cool wet room styled bathroom in granite grey with fabulous taps etc

  32. Margaret Glover

    A walk in shower and new tiles on the walls

  33. Juliet Wilson

    Modern, but retro, with lots of storage and also soundproof! So when I lock the door and tell hubby to watch the kids I can’t hear their hundreds of questions and moaning through the door hahah.

  34. Wet room area, shower toilet & automatic person drier so that I don’t need to spend ages using the towels.

  35. Sharon Arnott

    One of those huge round baths sunk in to the floor that you usually see in films. A huge vanity unit for all of my lotions and potions and lots of marble as in floor tiles and wall tiles etc. Not asking for much am I

  36. Michelle Wild

    I’m fancying a sauna cabin your elephant towels would love it. Be honest that’s why you chose grey isn’t it.

  37. Lisa Lewis

    my dream bathroom would be fully tiled, have a huge bath, a walk in shower and his and hers sinks all done in natural colours

  38. My dream bathroom would be pastel coloured – probably a soft pink or lilac. I’d love a slipper bath and a separate shower cubicle.

  39. white and turquoise, with a big free standing bath, huge mirror and 2 basins 🙂

  40. Jacqui Graham

    warm towels, a Jacuzzi bath, a shower with cubicle and plenty of bubble bath

  41. alice lightning

    a lovely spacious bath walk in shower that actually keep the warm heat not burn your skin or freeze your barnaces off and a good sink with spacious

  42. christine WESTLAKE

    a nice big modern wet room , no glass panels plenty of wheelchair space

  43. Lauren Old

    A big jacuzzi style bath, a vanity mirror with lights and a waterfall shower

  44. Karen Dixon

    Double shower, roll top tub with ornate feet, and tiles wall and floor

  45. Amanda Norwood

    My dream bathroom would have a bath big enough for two, a separate shower cubicle and lots of stylish storage

  46. Joanna Ford

    I would love a freestanding bath with a nice white and grey tile combination.

  47. Tina Clegg

    One were my hubby doesn’t get to go, !

  48. Rebecca Powell

    I would love to have a free standing bath and a rain fall style shower

  49. Amy Dacre

    My ideal bathroom would be like a spa.. limestone tile walls and floor, all matching. A shower/steam room, copper roll top bath which sits infront of a huge bay window that looks out across he countryside, a his and hers sink… oh and someone to clean it! The countryside manor that it sits in would be nice too!

  50. To be honest I’d settle for one without mould right now, but I’d like something with a seaside theme.

  51. Sheila Hodgson

    Well heated, gleaming tiles, lots of chrome and a large rainfall head shower.
    Stacks of fluffy bamboo towels!

  52. Lisette Davidson

    One with A very DEEP relaxing oceanic colour scheme, shells, lots of light, blues and greens and peace to enjoy a bath on my OWN!

  53. My dream bathroom would be clean lines, tiled top to bottom, loads of storage, walk in shower and a big beautiful deep bath

  54. Karen Gray

    His and her sinks, a gorgeous rolltop bath, cool marble flooring, a walk in shower with all the different rain functions. A tv and sound system, sneaky hidden storage and a mirror with flattering lighting, gorgeous oversized plants and NEOM candles 😉

  55. Lorraine B

    Big, airy, plenty of storage. A double size walk in shower with ambient lighting. I also want one of those Japanese toilets that talk to you.

  56. Laura Muir

    One where my partner actually helps keep clean. No boxers on the floor, towels on the towel rail, loo roll on the holder… shower door shut … just the basics really 🙂

  57. sandy ralph

    mine is one where the kids remember how to hang up the towels on the towel rail, the toilet roll is replaced and laundry is put in the basket

  58. Oksana Fitzgerald

    I would love a bathroom with a large freestanding bath and light colours

  59. Amanda Gregory

    A very spacious room is important. Large, sunken spa bath, waterfall taps (for bath and wash basin) that change colour with the temperature of the water and a separate walk in shower. The colour scheme would probably be black and white and the towels would be large and fluffy.

  60. Light, airy, spacious and it would have to be self-cleaning!

  61. Dream bathroom has white tiles, walk in shower & silver blue units with blue mosaic tiles round the mirror

  62. Elizabeth Smith

    Power shower, big deep bath, loads of storage and
    , behind doors, a specialist plumbed in dog bath so that I can wash them without pressure on my back

  63. Adrian Bold

    My dream bathroom would have a walk in shower and 2 sinks so my partner and I don’t have to share 🙂


    Just a nice normal bathroom would do me, I’ve been waiting for mine to be finished for the past 2years

  65. Joshua C

    An outdoor bath, just like Lee Majors in The Fall Guy.

  66. Katie Skeoch

    Large & light with cool non slip tiles & a curved bath

  67. Caroline Blaza

    Corner jacuzzi bath. Lots of shelves for candles and lots of fluffy towels. x

  68. Philana Hagley

    Spacious, white, big bath and power shower!

  69. I’d love a bath that’s really deep and about 8ft wide. I do love a good soak x

  70. Hazel Murphy

    Totally self cleaning walk in shower ,loo ,and sink.

  71. Joanne Tinkler

    My dream bathroom would have a lovely deep bath, a monsoon style shower, toilet with a soft close seat and a handbasin with waterfall tap.

  72. Emily Hutchinson

    Quality fittings in a large room. A freestanding bath in the middle of the room where I could relax with bubbles and a glass of wine.

  73. Natalie Turner

    Classic white, roll top bath and tiled floor to ceiling!

  74. Pam Smith

    Clean lines with a large bath, walk in shower and plenty of storage

  75. Deborah Mackenzie

    my dream bathroom would have a walk in (large) shower, with colour coded lights to show the temperature of the water, a lovely spa bath what has wide sills all the way around it. A storage wardrobe that is hidden behind sliding mirrored doors, a large hand basin with lighted mirror and stone decor surround that you can display lovely scented washes and hand creams etc. It would have a huge window that looked out over the hills, and sky light window for natural light.

  76. Steven Mitchell

    Anything with a free-standing bath!

  77. Clare Hubbard

    I would love a bathroom with a large freestanding bath

  78. Lisa Wilkinson

    A free-standing bath and a walk in shower. Oh and I’d love a Japanese toilet

  79. A huge walk in shower, underfloor heating and lots of storage space for towels and toiletries

  80. Emma Donnelly

    My dream bathroom would be large enough to be spacious but still cosy. A Jacuzzi bath in front of a picture widow with amazing views. A couple of potted palms to give a tropical feel. Underfloor heating and a load of fluffy towels! His and hers sinks and a rainfall shower behind a glass brick wall. Bliss!!!

  81. Hannah Ingham

    Spacious, egg blue type colour, tiled. Walk in shower and plenty of light from the windows!

  82. Diane Carey

    A large shower that is easy to use, a large bath, 2 sinks with large mirrors above and good lighting, fully tiled and easy to clean with plenty of storage

  83. Danni Cresswell

    Huge white square suite, separate shower subway tiles and lovely polished tiled floor x

  84. Emma Walton

    My dream bathroom would have a roll top bath, a walk in shower big enough for two with state of the art shower head and controls. It would be in neutral shades and would be easy to keep clean i.e. not loads of awkward to reach toilet pipes (which is what I currently have!)

  85. Sam Goodwin

    Oooooh. I’d probably go for a walk in shower, a huge jacuzzi bathtub, double basins. I’d go for light coloured tiles, and a ceiling window!

  86. Victoria Prince

    My dream bathroom would have a posh bath with music, whirlpool jets..etc and a closomat toilet. The floor would be marble effect, the tiles would be interspersed with tiles with frogs on and it would have a pale blue/lilac/white colour scheme 🙂

  87. susan hoggett

    I’d love a bathroom with a huge sea view picture window, wet room and big jacuzzi bath

  88. cara vaughan

    My dream bathroom would have an extra large tub and a walk in shower!

  89. Marie Powell

    A step down bath and a Roman type mural on the wall would be perfect

  90. janine atkin

    i dont care so long as its a bathroom only i can use 🙂 no dirty boys allowed

  91. Josh Gough

    BATH, a nice view , soft fluffy towels and a lock on the door

  92. Colin Gault

    Large with 2 baths Jacuzzi and walk in shower

  93. Alex Telford

    My dream bathroom would have a bath, a shower, plenty of floor space and storage. I really love charcoal and white (some jets for a mini jacuzzi/power shower and a glass of prosecco won’t go amiss either!)

  94. mary chez

    A big bath, power shower, a nice view , soft fluffy towels and a lock on the door

  95. Lorraine Langham

    My dream bathroom would have a huge jacuzzi bath with a glorious view of a beach, rolling countryside or beautiful woodland (depending on my mood). It would clean itself and would also refuse entry to my children who “just need the toilet ” every time I decide to have a bath!

  96. CLAIRE woods

    Clean and tidy, decent sized bath and shower. Separate room for the toilet.


    My dream bathroom would have a large bath with a champagne bucket next to it and a large window looking out to fields

  98. Margaret gallagher

    Sunken bath that i walk down into -superloos a power shower and a lock on the door so nobody can disturb me
    I can dream !!!!!

  99. Debi Newman

    A big bath, lots of bubbles and a lock on the door x

  100. Zoe Payne

    a massive walk in shower, heated floor and big white fluffy towels on a rail

  101. A lovely long, deep bath, a couple of nice scented candles and a big rustic wood sideboard for towels and toiletries and books etc

  102. I’d have a clawfoot bath and seperate shower. Most importantly I’d not share it with anyone and have a cleaner.

  103. Open view of a forest, with lots of hanging plants, soft lighting and soft towels!

  104. Lillian Fisher

    A spa bath and some hunky guy to share it with (or hubby if I can’t find one!)

  105. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    Huge with a big spa bath and luxurious towels and heated towel rails!

  106. carole nott

    my dream bathroom would be an oasis of peace and warmth

  107. Sandra Fortune

    I’m a fairy collector and just love them. A bathroom with an enchanted fairy theme I’d really love. Not sure the hubby would approve though lol

  108. Allan Wilson

    A big huge walk in wet room would me my ideal bathroom

  109. Jayne Townson

    My dream bathroom would have a lovely big bath, a towel heater, a walk in shower and lots of fluffy towels.

  110. lisa tebbut

    WHITE BATH WITH Traditional Taps

  111. leanne weir

    My ideal bathroom – terracotta and relaxing

  112. Tracey Belcher

    A wet room with a multi directional power shower and jack and Jill sinks – with a rimless toilet

  113. Angela Muir

    An old fashioned slipper bath but a modern power shower and underfloor heating.

  114. Rachel Butterworth

    Art Deco, roll top bath, metro tiles and brass accessories.

  115. I would love a wet room, I just worry it might be a bit slippery.


    Big shower, big bath, no mess, no mould!

  117. susan smedley

    Slipper bath, warm soft towels.. plenty of candles and a glass of fizz

  118. Michelle lintern

    Luxury bubble bath and body lotion and big, warm, fluffy towels

  119. Sheila Reeves

    A walk-in shower, which has a drying setting – warm to the touch floors, and a big bath

  120. lynn neal

    I would have a huge white jacuzzi bath with a luxury bath pillow to rest my head on and a cabinet stocked full of luxurious oils and bubble baths!

  121. Light and roomy with a massive bath tub. ideally a jacuzzy

  122. nina kennedy

    Large and warm with soft rubber flooring. Colours grey white and a small amount of greenery. I would also like a bidet!

  123. Louise A

    large, easy to clean and a super duper jet shower preferably with a steam function

  124. Kathryn Hipkin

    I love my bathroom. Big bath, walk in shower…..just don’t like cleaning it so my dream bathroom would include a cleaner for it.

  125. Claire Nutman

    Very large, white clean lines, vintage taste with uber modern fittings and a velvet sofa with an option to play music and soft lighting x many thansk

  126. Frances H

    My dream bathroom would have an eternity pool sized bath. One of the fancy-pants loos that washes and blow-dries your bits. Sympathetic lighting and an endless supply of hot water.

  127. purpleshoes

    it would have a huge bath and would be self cleaning!

  128. Elisabeth Ries

    White suite, blue walls, with a bath and separate shower cubicle.

  129. Sam Swain

    My dream bathroom would be in a lovely big house that I own. It would have a huge freestanding bath and his & hers waterfall showers.

  130. Karen hutchinson

    Love my bathroom – stone tiles /white suite but needs repainting and smartening up . I would like a bit more space and a roll top bath

  131. Sarah Cooper

    I would love a marble tiled bathroom with a massive bath and walk in shower.

  132. Dream bathroom… okay this is going to take some time, because I’ve got a long wish list…

    It must have:

    * Lots of space,
    * A large bath, with taps in the middle rather than at one end.
    * A heated towel rail that actually heats the towels.
    * A shower. Separate from the bath. And walk-in so I don’t have to faff with a shower door.
    * Shower must have good water pressure and a massage function shower head.
    * Shower temperature and pressure must not fluctuate wildly when someone else turns on a tap elsewhere.
    * And finally…. my dream bathroom would come with its own cleaning fairy so I never need to do the hard work! 😉

  133. Large shower with built in seat ledge. Large bath with massage jets. generally modern with lots of storage

  134. Mark Bradbury

    Corner bath nice shower speaker in the ceiling.

  135. Marie Austin

    I would love to have a bath in my bathroom.

  136. Katherine Teff

    Many years ago I saw some tiles in a magazine that looked like a Japanese pool with Koi carp swimming in it. They were the most wonderful things ever and I still dream of having them so that I could lie in a freestanding tub while they ‘swim’ serenely around me.

  137. Sandra Fortune

    I’d like a fairy themed bathroom as I love fairies & collect them. Something enchanting and mystical looking . I would have to draw a plan .

  138. Sandra Fortune

    I collect fairies so a fairy themed bathroom my imagination could run riot ! I’d have to draw a plan . Something enchanting.

  139. Ruth Harwood

    Walk in shower, wall lights reflecting pastel blue walls and floral wall stickers and plenty of space xx


    Contemporary design with large bath , orchid plants & natural colours.

  141. Mel Turner

    My dream bathroom would look out into the wilderness so I can lay in the bath and look at the stars

  142. Ema J Lowe

    a wet room, to make it so easy to clean.

  143. A huge Jacuzzi bath, chrome fittings, large shower with waterfall feature, beautiful tiles on the walls and floors, sumptuous soft fluffy towels and mats and a maid to keep it clean! 🙂

  144. lyn burgess

    A modern, self cleaning, powerful shower room, white and slate grey, with lots of space and a never ending supply of huge fluffy soft towels, that hang themselves up after each use.

  145. Carole E

    A country style bathroom with a stand-alone roll top bath.

  146. maureen findley

    a mirror with lighting around and a large deep bath with a bath pillow. wall to wall tiles and a warm springy floor. lighting isimportant with downlighters around the bath

  147. Tracy Clark

    a dream bathroom is one that cleans itself lol

  148. it would be with a power shower and a beautifully laid out space

  149. Angie McDonald

    Black and white lino retro floor tiles, chrome silver fittings, an open shower wet room floor with power-shower head

  150. Judith Allen

    I’ve not had a bath in ages now, can’t get out of it again. And aids to help aren’t going to be that great looking, so a lovely wet room with shower please.

  151. Walk in shower, tiled from floor to ceiling with a lilac, grey and white scheme

  152. jo liddement

    My dream bathroom would have lots of storage and a heated towel rail to keep the nice fluffy towels warm and i would choose a simple white suite with copper taps and a shower over the bath.

  153. Emma Rawlinson

    Lovely stone tiles, a double shower – with power shower, and plenty of storage space for all my products!

  154. sarah birkett

    not bothered about a bath, but I would love a huge shower, with several jets, music, lights, and maybe a stool. ( and some peace and quiet time to enjoy it )

  155. Chloe Davies

    My dream bathroom would be completely tiled with modern fittings, a wet room style with a huge rainfall shower x

  156. Cristina

    My dream bathroom has a shower not a bath and is tiled throughout and one of those smart ‘hovering’ toilets that I always think will crash to the floor.

  157. Jo Carroll

    If we’re talking about a ‘money no object’ dream bathroom I’d have a huge sunken bath that I can simply step into (like Queen Cleopatra) ..a wet room shower, a dresser with mist-proof heated mirrors – his/hers sinks and a glass ceiling so I could see the stars as I lay back in the bath drinking my champagne…not asking much is it? 😉 x

  158. Suzanne Jackson

    well our bathroom is in progress at the moment so I’d settle for something fully tiled with a working shower

  159. Quite simple, I want a bathroom with the largest bathtub available 🙂

  160. claire griffiths

    mine would have a large bath with gold taps , a lovely sink with cupboard space underneath with a lovely tiled floor and walls plenty of storag e


    My dream bathroom would have everything hidden away in cupboards, clear of any clutter and with underfloor heating and the biggest power shower possible.

  162. rebecca h

    my dream bathroom would be beautiful and gothic! I’d have a free standing massive Victorian ornate bathtub in the middle of the room. black and white floor tiles, an open fire place on one wall and perhaps a brandy decanter

  163. It would have under floor heating. Walk in shower with different settings to memory and automatically dispenses shower gel. then has a drying system so no towels needed.
    Bath will be a big roll top to fit at least 4 people and has a sofa as bathroom talk is good!

  164. melanie stirling

    A big but warm bathroom with a massive sunken bath with steps going in to it.

  165. Dream bathroom – soft blue with a large bath!

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  167. Mine would have a bath big enough for two, lighting with dimmer switches, plenty of LED candles and a connected music and TV system in there for the ultimate relaxation!

  168. A contemporary look bathroom, modern yet simple

  169. Caroline H

    I’d just love a huge bathroom with lots of storage, a double shower/steam cabinet, massive freestanding bath, gorgeous products to use and a chaise longue. Reality is very, very different!

  170. Sarah Rees

    It would be big with a spa bath, a nice big walk in shower with a white and blue tile theme.It would have lots of candles in

  171. Michelle Ferguson

    Our bathroom is tiny so would love a big bathroom with two sinks and a lovely walk in shower with lots of storage

  172. Leanne V McKenna

    Really big with a huge Jacuzzi bath, mood lighting and built in TV screen/music player, perfect for relaxing and having a soak

  173. Maggie Coates

    I would like a bathroom big enough to have a separate walk in shower and a roll top bath.

  174. charlotte

    i love everything clean and sparkling white with a walk in shower with lots of jets!

  175. Cecelia Allen

    I’d love white sparkle panelling on the walls, a roll topped bath, shower cubicle , a large corner washbasin, vintage taps and accessories.

  176. amy bondoc

    it would have a freestanding bath and walk in shower !

  177. Andrea Fletcher

    A roll top bath, grey tiles and some fluffy towels.

  178. Kate Dalgleish

    I’d have a lovely collection of soft, thick, fluffy towels, a deep roll top bath with feet, a walk in shower, a double his and hers basin unit and maybe even a chaise lounge in there if I’m really thinking about the dream bathroom!

  179. Jo Jones

    Luxury soft grey towels, & lashings of hot water. Fully tiled, with a spa bath, power shower. & twin sinks, oh, and a posh toilet.

  180. I’d love marble tiles on the walls and floor

  181. Barbara Knight

    I would love a spacious bathroom with a freestanding bath as well as a large shower cubicle.

  182. Bob Clark

    Modern, grey, stunning – in fact very much like the one I’ve just had installed

  183. A freestanding bath and two sinks would be great.

  184. Very modern and simple, with a good power shower!

  185. justine meyer

    Big walk in shower, small bath and plenty of fluffy towels with everything being tiled x

  186. Lorna Ledger

    a huge wet room, all tiled, a power shower, and a gorgeous deep bath with plenty of room for two! xx

  187. Ali Thorpe

    I’d love a big bath facing a wall made of glass with a view over a private beach. It would have a fireplace on one side and a big shower. And a sofa.

  188. Debbie W

    Walk in shower, lovely fluffy towels, bathrobes and slippers to step into. And someone else to keep it sparkling!!

  189. My dream bathroom would be light with marble tiles, a mirrored wall, chrome fittings and have a separate bath and shower

  190. simon tutthill

    it would be light and airy with a lovely big bath to soak in

  191. claire blaney

    The walls in black glitter tiles with a huge double bath and mirror units with a huge sink a warming towel rail with light up mirror and toilet with a b-day

  192. Natalie Newham

    White and pastel colours with gold finishing’s.

  193. Stephanie Coals

    My dream bathroom would be very minimalist with lots of clean lines, it would be monochrome in have underfloor heating. I’d have a power shower and a huge Jacuzzi bath. Not asking for much then….!

  194. stuart hargreaves


  195. debbie melville

    A large walk in digital shower that automatically sets the temperature for you, a huge bath with integrated wine glass holder! and built in sound system to play relaxing tunes

  196. Heather Haigh

    Huge, with a very big bath, seperate shower, all done in black, white and gold.

  197. Kerry Kilmister

    I would love a bathroom of comfort and luxury – one to wash away the stresses of the day. Soft lighting, large bath to soak in, and plenty of storage for my bath goodies.

  198. A huge bath/jacuzzi with a TV to watch. A bit tacky but would be great!

  199. Kelly E Hirst

    My ideal bathroom would be all natural colours with a roll top bath and a built in Tv

  200. Lisa Rowsell

    It would be lilac, have a very large bath, walk in shower, lots of storage, and under floor heating.

  201. Ann-Marie Gould

    My dream bathroom would have a large free standing bath, a walk- in shower enclosure and lots of storage

  202. Liam Bishop

    Light, clean, massive. Huge freestanding copper bath and a giant walk-in shower. Hmm hot-tub as well?

  203. clair downham

    under floor heating and a huge corner bath with jacuzzi

  204. We have recently had our bathroom refitted with new suite, new floor and new tiles so I’m going to say my dream bathroom is the 1 we have now.

  205. Chris Andrews

    Describe your dream bathroom . . . .. . it will have music and laughter and warmth and bubbles

  206. Kathryn Cox

    Roll top bath, luxurious bubble bath on tap and surround sound for relaxing music

  207. Tony Metcalfe

    I’m not too fussy, as long as it’s clean. And I prefer a bath to a shower.

  208. Sheena Batey

    Power shower stand alone club foot bath and loads of storage space.

  209. Helen Stratton

    I love a nautical theme bathroom and to top it off and old fashioned roll top bath on clawed foot.

  210. Juli Savage

    An Infinity Bath with a waterfall tap.
    Marble walls
    Walk in shower
    Twin sinks
    Underfloor heating
    and warm soft towels

  211. Cupcake R

    My ideal bathroom- light, airy, clean and tidy with a lovely deep bath.

  212. Sue McCarthy

    I’m not that fussy, just need a bath and hot water. Oh, and a plug!

  213. Sarah Pybus

    It would have a roll top bath, high power shower and twin sinks 🙂

  214. Isabel O

    It would have a bath so big it’s practically a hot tub and a shower with those rainfall things. And maybe a walk in closet for my millions of clothes! 😀

  215. Michaela Hannah

    A huge Jacuzzi bath with a glass roof so i could star watch whilst drinking wine in the bath

  216. Spacious, well lit, made from renewable materials. HUGE BATHTUB!

  217. Elizabeth

    Old-fashioned roll top bath, separate shower (with a door so it doesn’t soak everything), tiled walls and floor, lots of hooks for hanging up clothes to put on afterwards, proper ceramic loo with wooden seat, old-fashioned pedestal sink, huge laundry basket, massive cupboard for all my toiletries, frosted window, good strong bolt on the door, water softener on bath and shower because my hair looked much better when I lived in Manchester and was washing it in soft Northern water – and everything cleaned by somebody else!

  218. I would really like an all white bathroom, with baby pink or baby blue blinds. A large bathtub and a separate shower cubicle. There would be a towel heater along the wall, so the towels could be hung up and kept warm while I’m in the shower.

  219. Jo Glasspool

    It would be quite spacious and very modern, with a warm feel to it.

  220. Natalie Gillham

    My dream bathroom would be a marble room with a clear glass bath and luxury shower, with heated towel rails and a place for everything and of course super soft fluffy towels x

  221. Alison jones

    Already have perfect bathroom just need perfect towels 😉

  222. Joanne Fear

    Lovely grey and white floor tiles with a large waterfall shower!!

  223. William Gould

    Walk-in shower with a rain cloud shower head, a big bath, his and hers sinks, plenty of storage and Art Deco tiling.

  224. Shirley A Evans

    Big wet room, large claw footed bath,and large sink

  225. Tee simpson

    A walk in shwer plus a p shaped bath with white tiles on the floor and walls and chrome accessories

  226. Maria Hackett

    walk in shower, nice big bath, platinum taps, black and white tiles 🙂

  227. It would have a heated stone floor, private view of water (ocean, river, lake, stream), a large freestanding bath and a walk-in shower. Lots of storage and shelving for my Bamboo towels and toiletries. Dimmable lighting, pastel colours, fully tiled.

  228. Michelle Smith

    My bathroom is very small so my dream bathroom would be very spacious with a bath and shower .

  229. My dream bathroom is one that cleans itself…

  230. apart from the usual loo and basic it would be luxuriously tiled,a wetroom with a really good powershower

  231. Jules Eley

    My dream bathroom would be a modern take on a victorian bathroom, i love the metro tile look with bright white bathroom suite.


    Warm, natural lighting, Fully pannelled, decent pressure, great storage.

  233. Anthony Harrington

    my dream bathroom would be a large wet room

  234. Gwyn Sharps

    A jacuzzi bath, heated flooring, very modern style and large

  235. karen Usher

    A big modern bathroom, with wall to floor stone tiles, a walk in shower (the one without a door) big easy to clean bath, double sink (for his and her) radiator to warm the towels on, and heat emitting lights for those winter months…..Im not asking for much 🙂

  236. Amy Fidler

    large free standing bath,with large separate walk in power shower/steam room

  237. Walk-in shower, fluffy towels, understated decor

  238. rebecca nisbet

    A double shower, jacuzzi bath, heated floors, a double shower with one of those showers that has loads of jets on and Ryan Gosling to wash my back!

  239. Jonathan Hunt

    Would love a large double walk in shower. Space to relax.

  240. frances hopkins

    I’d love one looking out into the sea

  241. Iona Cornish

    Freestanding Bath, Power Shower, fluffy carpets, loads of plants and tons of storage cabinets

  242. Jules page

    My dream bath room would be a rolled topped bath and italian tiles.

  243. Angela Treadway

    large modern bathroom with black and white tiles and one of them fancy colour changing
    theraputic showers that massages as you wash x

  244. Tracy Nixon

    Not white and too hygenic looking but with a bit of colour, good storage and bright and airy!

  245. laura stewart

    i would love my dream bathroom to be roomy and fresh an clean x

  246. Tania Atfield

    My dream bathroom would have a stand alone bathtub, maybe made of copper, his and hers sinks, enormous walk in shower, and mosaic wall tiles

  247. Tracey Peach

    I would have a wet room, with marble type tiles from ceiling to floor with one piece of glass from ceiling to floor so you ca just walk into the shower.

  248. emma walters

    a huge jet bath & separate huge top of the range power shower! with light pastel colours & luxurious towels

  249. T Brailey

    Large bath with mood lighting and music. White walls with wet room.

  250. ann goody

    My dream bathroom would be …. warm towels, warm room and hot water in the bath with some scented salts in it. Tiled walls and soft lighting with a lovely roller blind!

  251. Laura Pritchard

    Just for me, no access for kids/husband – a huge standalone bath with bubble/massage vents, different light settings including ‘candle mode’, fresh thick fluffy towels, a big shower wet room with different water settings & colours like rainforest etc Not asking much!

  252. Peter Watson

    A room with a wash basin,taps that work,toilet that works and a bath.Nice and functional.

  253. Susan Smith

    A room of tranquility and peacefullness, somewhere i can soak and relax

  254. Kerry Wild

    A roll top bath ,scented candles and new towels

  255. Kim Neville

    Some nice tiles on the wall and floor. Big jacuzzi bath, power shower, chrome taps, heated towel rails, his and her sinks and cupboards

  256. sue rushworth

    my dream bathroom would contain a huge bath just so i could spread around in it, lots of shelves for my candles and, of course, my lovely bamboo towels

  257. Claire Holtey

    Warm. too many bathrooms are cold. You get out of a nice warm shower into a cold room – completely spoils the moment

  258. Julia Lawson

    My dream bathroom would have a nautical blue and white colour scheme, with a posh shiny tiled floor to boot…oh and a huge bath like the one in THAT Cadbury’s Flake advert 😉 It’d have gold taps and an in-built jacuzzi with a few different settings. There’d be a shower too, one where the water ran at the perfect temperature so no freezing cold/burning hot water when you switch it on! I don’t ask for much 😉

  259. Harline Parkin

    My dream bathroom would have a walk in shower and a huge bath tiled from bottom to top and a 3D dolphin tiled floor

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