Wasgij Retro mystery 5 Sunday Lunch blog

Wasgij Retro Mystery 5 – Sunday lunch solution

I live by my view that the old Wasgij puzzles are so much harder than the more recent ones. I managed to get hold of Wasgij Retro Mystery 5 Sunday lunch.  Let’s just say, it took me quite a few sessions over 2 weeks to complete it.

If you’ve not done the Wasgij Retro range, they’re a re-release of some of the first Wasgij puzzles. But they have a few differences in places in the puzzle compared to the originals. Something for everyone even if you’ve completed the original.

Wasgij Retro mystery 5 Sunday Lunch blog

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With this Sunday Lunch puzzle, you need to solve the puzzle by working out what happens next after the image on the box. Some of the popular Wasgij characters feature, and there’s lots of comedy moments in it.

I followed my usual step by step method of completing a Wasgij puzzle.  Edges, major colour areas, then working out what goes where before filling in the rest of the gaps.  There’s just a lot of colours, a lot of people wearing similar aprons and uniforms, so it was hard to separate which of these went where. But I got there in the end. 

If you’re after the Wasgij Retro Mystery 5 solution, just scroll down.

You can buy Wasgij puzzles from Amazon*, online jigsaw puzzles shops or high street shops. If you’re after guidance on how to complete a Wasgij without checking the solution, then check out my artcle on the method I use.

wasgij retro mystery 5 sunday lunch solution

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