How to make DIY felt easter bunting

How to make homemade felt Easter bunting

I finally got out the sewing machine again. It takes me a while to get round to it, even though I’ve loads I want to make. But it takes me so long to get all my equipment and fabric out, then to do templates, cut out and then sew, that I need a whole morning to get a full project done. Even if it’s just scraps or a small project.  This time, it was DIY felt Easter bunting, shaped like Easter eggs.

How to make DIY felt easter bunting

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I had wanted to make stuffed felt easter eggs, similar to the stuffed hearts I made for Valentine’s day, but the one I tried wasn’t great. I think if you want to do more decoration and make them rounder – maybe with 4 pieces to make a proper egg shape, it would work out better.

Instead I made double sided Easter eggs, then top stitched them, and adding them to bias binding (I didn’t have wide enough ribbon) to string them up.

Ignore the slightly lop-sidedness of the eggs. My top stitching to close isn’t the best. Next time I’ll make a larger template, have a bigger seam allowance to enable it to be more easily caught and shaped correctly when topstitching. If you’re a better sewer than I am, you’ll have no issue keeping the perfect egg shape.

Overall, I’m pleased with my Easter egg bunting. 

homemade easter egg bunting

There are plenty of variations for decorating the eggs:

  • Change the colours – go for an ombre colour look across the bunting
  • Add rick rack braid or additional ribbons to create more stripes
  • Add embroidery stitches
  • Half your felt egg shapes, and mix and match the tops and bottoms, with ribbon to hide the gap
  • Applique on different spring patterned fabric as smaller eggs shapes inside the felt so you’ll just see a felt border
  • Add beading or stick on jewels.
  • Don’t bother stitching back to back and just top stitching around for a different look.

If you don’t have felt you can use fabric of choice – stripes or gingham would be pretty.  You’ll likely have to add fusible interfacing to the reverse of each side of fabric to stiffen it before sewing.

If you want to make an easier version, just do single sided felt templates – you can sew on decorations, fabric glue them on, or even get children to decorate with pens or fabric paint.  These won’t hang as well unless they’re a stiff felt but should still look cute  The added bonus of double siding the egg shapes means you can make your DIY bunting reversible if you choose similar colours to the front.

How to make Easter bunting

You will need:

  • Felt – choose colours for the front. I used white and grey for the reverse. 
  • Ribbons
  • Bias binding or 1-2 cm wide ribbon
what you need to make easter egg bunting


1, Make an egg shaped template on paper or card.

pin on templates to the felt

2, Cut enough felt egg shapes using the template – cut the same number of backs and fronts.

cut out felt egg shapes
felt egg shapes

3. On the front felt eggs, pin ribbon in position, then sew on using a line of straight stitch to each.

pin and sew on the ribbon

4. Take a front side of an egg and place it face down on a back egg. Pin, then sew around the edge leaving a gap.

back to back felt egg shapes

5, Turn back so the egg is the right way out.

6. Top stitch around the egg, closing the gap as you go.

tip stitching easter egg shapes
pile of felt eggs with ribbon decoration

7. Fold over the bias binding, and stitch along the middle to attach the 2 sides, sewing the eggs on top of the binding at intervals.

8. Then hang and admire.

easter egg bunting strung up above blue aga

This DIY spring bunting would be a great addition to your Easter decor. Why not hang from a mantlepiece, or around a door frame. If you have an Easter tree or branches as decorations, you could leave off the bias binding and add a ribbon loop to the top of the eggs instead, and hang them from an easter tree/branches.

Alternatively, other easter or spring bunting ideas could be Easter bunny shapes or chicks. They’d look really cute as spring decor.

What Easter crafts have you been making?

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