moon against blue sky

Project 52 2021 week 12 – moon

This week’s been the countdown not only to tennis starting again and being able to meet up with people again, but also Easter holidays. It’s not been the best week with N being ill for most of it. Although my diet is still going well – I never find them an issue once I’m on a diet, it’s getting to healthy eating in the first place that’s the issue.

Here’s our week 12 of Project 52.

On Sunday I didn’t do much, although I did get out the sewing machine and made some Easter bunting. N wasn’t that impressed, but I was pleased with it.

Monday was back to work and school. N came home saying his throat was hurting again, so the echinacea and throat spray last week hadn’t quite beat it down.

On Tuesday, N’s tonsils were up again and he felt really rough, so stayed off school. There was a lot of youtube and Horrible Histories watching.. At least he just gets on with it and means I can still work ok.

Wednesday N was no better. I spoke to the doctor, mainly to get another record of tonsillitis. We’re at a stage where we’re limited on antibiotics because the last lot he was given gave him tummy ache each time he had the medicine. This time’s are good but you can’t have them soon after having them, because there’s a danger of stomach and kidney issues. If he gets tonsillitis again, we’ll ask the consultant to bring forward N’s 2nd follow up appointment from September. Hopefully that could mean we’d be able to whip them out over summer. But I’m presuming they’ve got such a backlog, we might not get any joy unless private is an option. I got outside to take some photos of the blossom that we have on one tree. Can’t wait to see the rest out.

On Thursday, it was another day of N at home. He’s really a bit down with this time round. I suppose because he’s only just got back to school. I spent a bit of time watching the farm cat that keeps coming over to out garden and next doors, presumably to prowl for birds.

I’d assumed N would be back at school on Friday, but he was still whacked out and the antibiotics still hadn’t kicked in. Sigh. That’s 6.5 days he’s had off for tonsillitis since February. I’m just hoping this doesn’t mean a repeat of the same frequency as spring and summer last year. He’s due to start back tennis in earnest from next week, and already missed the October match they had because of being ill. He’ll be gutted, and my bank account will cry at any wasted paid for lessons. It was a short work day and it was good to be at the end of the week. It’s so busy at work and so many people changes going on, it’s really hard to keep up when it’s all virtual.

Saturday was a lazy day. Thankfully N was pretty much back to normal form. He spent a lot of the afternoon on the farm. I just did a bit of reading and some of my puzzle. I also had a quick trip to the village shop because I’d forgotten to order a couple of items for my online delivery. We had to have the woodburner on again because the boiler’s broken and the OH couldn’t get it working again. Luckily the aga is still working, and we’ve got the immersion heater for hot water, but it’s so cold in the house, even when under blankets.

This week’s project 52 photo was taken midweek when the moon was visible in late afternoon.

moon against blue sky

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  1. My brother used to get terrible tonsillitis which meant I had mine taken out at 5 as my mum didn’t want to put me through it. I don’t feel like they are so keen on the op now as they were when I was growing up. Ethan had terrible tonsillitis when he was a toddler. Fingers crossed it has kept a bay a little bit now he is older #365

    1. I was the same, had mine out at 5. Unless they’ve got sleep issues, then yes they don’t like taking them out now. It’s quite a high level you need to have it. N never had it when younger, but last year it just went mad, when really, this is the age they should be growing out of it more. He’s now missing lots of school too, so it’s not great. I just saw someone’s child had their op the other week due to sleep apnoea (after only a few months referral). Unfortunately covid has meant they’re more wary. They’d have probably whipped them out last summer otherwise.

  2. I like your Easter bunting, I had a click through to see it. Wish I was handy with a sewing machine. Well done with sticking with your healthy eating, I am going to try and start today. But not feeling particularly optimistic as I have eaten so much chocolate lately I will have sugar withdrawal symptoms to get through first! Feel for N being so poorly, sounds like he has had a tough week. Glad by the end of it he starting to feel better.

    1. Thanks. I’d give the bunting a go by hand. Easy enough just using felt for 1 sided bunting without having to do all the turning inside out/top stitching etc. I did blitz through one easter egg on Easter sunday as a treat, but thankfully was able to get back to the diet. I find I’m all or nothing – if I’m being strict it’s easy.

  3. Oh no, dreadful tonsils! Poor N! Glad he was feeling better by the end of the week. Hope your boiler is fixed asap.
    Fantastic Moon shot!

  4. Oh poor N, he really does suffer. I hope he’s recovered and you can get it all sorted soon? We have an oil boiler and our old one was so unreliable, hope you manage to get yours fixed. Love the picture of the moon, especially in the blue sky that has been missing today!

  5. Sorry to hear that N has been unwell with tonsilitis again. Glad that he was feeling better by Saturday and fingers crossed that he will be fine for the start of tennis next week. Hope your boiler gets fixed soon. Lovely photo of the moon. #project365

  6. Poor N with his tonsils. It is awful to say it but N could do with getting tonsillitis again just to have the appointment brought forward. Poor lad. I am glad N is feeling better now. Good luck with the tennis and I hope the boiler is fixed soon.
    What a fab photo of the moon x

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