23 uses for clothing ribbon loops

23 quick ways to use unwanted clothing ribbon loops

Even though I rarely do crafts anymore, I still have a stash of items I keep hold of in case of upcycling, photography props or the need for crafts in the future. Clothing ribbon loops are the item I usually have sitting on my chest of drawers. You know, those straps or ribbons in clothes that most people cut out once they’ve got the clothes home. 

You never know how useful these ribbons will be so my stash has grown a bit over the years. It does make me notice how limited the colours are in my wardrobe – a lot of black and coral ribbons!

If you cut the ribbons out of your clothes, then here’s some of the uses for them.

23 uses for clothing ribbon loops

23 uses for clothes ribbon loops

Make friendship bracelets – knot 3 ribbons together, then plait or twist together, and knot at the other end. It’s easiest to knot them as a permanent bracelet or just knot loosely to remove again after wearing.

ribbons used to twist and plait into bracelets

Plait into dolls hair – or your own to add some colour.

Use for weaving small coasters – make the ‘spokes’ of a bike shape in string on some card, then weave ribbons from the centre over and under each spoke in turn until you reach the edges. Remove from the card and hot glue gun the end, then use.

Tie mini bunches of flowers from the garden.

Tie round jam jars or small vases of flowers.

Upcycle and sew them on other outfits – around the cuff, neckline or make up into bows

Pimp up hair clips – make mini rosettes or bows, then hot glue them on to clips.

Make a fairy or wizard wand for children – tie or stick to a straight stick

Tie to a child’s bike handles – make tassels, and they should stream behind when cycling

Sew or tie together to and make cheerleader ‘pom poms’

Gather into tassels and use for party decorations in place of bunting.

Make a bookmark and use the ribbons for a tassel (or just plait 3 ribbons together and use that as a bookmark

ribbons used for bookmarks in 3 books

Add them to homemade dream catchers

Use them for gift wrap ribbon on small gifts, or to the gift tags

Use for card making, by adding with double sided tape or glue

Use as a hair tie. You could add some elastic and turn into a mini scrunchie.

Use in the garden in place of string to tie up plants to canes

Make ribbon Christmas baubles – foam baubles, glue ribbons around the bauble in stripes, and pin all the ends in at the top, add a hanging ribbon and hang on your tree.

Use to wrap a wreath base layer, or just make a stripy one. Drawing pin at the back to ensure they stay stuck in.

Towel loops – stitch to towels to make a towel loop to hang them up.

Make a taggy blanket for a baby – mix and match with wider and different textured ribbons.

Keyrings – tie different colours for different key uses.

Use to make drawstring lavender bags – sew a little ‘pocket’, make a ‘hem’ around the top leaving a gap to feed through the ribbon to tie the bag tight. Fill with lavender (or other smellies or gifts)

rows of ribbons taken from clothing ribbong loops

Just a few ideas for what you can use unwanted clothes ribbons for.

What do you use them for?

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