chopped down tree space in garden between apple trees .

Project 52 2020 week 23 – trees

It’s week 23 of Project 52, week 11 of ‘lockdown’, although more things have been eased this week, with Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 back in schools where possible. The nephew has gone back as a year 6 and it sounds like he’s done a lot of athletics and running during the week. N’s still been at home and we don’t know when or if other year groups will go back this term, if at all.

The weather has also turned from mid week. No more beautiful warm sunshine, instead it’s been damp, a bit of rain but not enough for the fields, and a lot of wind. The temperature has dropped to cold (and I’m debating getting out the socks again).

Here’s this week’s Project 52 round up.

Sunday we didn’t do much. The nephew was up and they played golf competitions in the garden. My bird feeders have been a bit too successful – what with the jay’s arrival last week, and on Sunday a mass of starlings. I can live with the 1 or 2 we usually have, but I’ve avoided fat balls as usually they can’t perch on the seed feeders. Not these ones. It was like the film, The Birds!

It was back to home school and work on Monday after half term off school work, and a few days off work. N worked much more consistently this week which I was pleased with. His new topic is the USA – quite timely with the racism and police issues going on over there at the moment. A good opportunity to talk about racism and the ongoing issues in the US, and what it can be like for people of colour over here too.

On Tuesday it was a glorious day again so I had a bit of time working out in the garden. I nipped to the village shop to stock up on food.

Wednesday was just another schooling and work day. We always have a bit of fun when the puppies turn up in our garden. The german shepherd wasn’t understanding how we were inside the patio door and she couldn’t get through the glass. She was a bit scared of meeting N’s teddy bear too. She’s a bit of a wuss.

On Thursday the weather got colder. We had our butcher’s delivery – I never know whether they receive the order as they never reply, they just turn up and you pay after delivery. So it was a relief it turned up. I made an amazing lemon chicken dish – the OH won’t eat rice, so it was a bit anglicised with mash and veg, rather than as a stir fry. N said it was a bit zingy for him, but I thought it was delicious.

Friday I was flying through the puzzles. I’d finished one of my Wasgij ones, and suggested N and I did the Horrible Histories one I’d bought him. He decided I should just do it, so an hour later it was done. Nice to do a 300 piece fast puzzle with big pieces for a change. I also had another INR test and it’s back down to mid perfect range. Phew. So I think last week’s over the top increase was actually due to me forgetting I’d taken a dose of warfarin and taking another dose. Oops.

On Saturday I got out my backdrops and took photos for a couple of blog posts I’ve had half drafted (ok, just in plan form) for about 2 years. I will get them written. If you’re a regular reader you’ll notice I’ve got a lot more lifestyle type of posts, rather than my usual more family – days out, camping and school type posts – lockdown has meant those posts aren’t so relevant, or we’ve not been anywhere. I’m quite enjoying the new posts, and have stacks of post ideas (I’ve never had bloggers block like some do), I just need to be able to space things out more to mix them up, as well as improving my food photography.

N isn’t quite feeling right again. He’s saying his tonsils feel like they’re coming up again and he didn’t eat much tea. I missed a call from the doctor I spoke to about the last bout, who wanted to talk about N, so hopefully he’ll call back next week. If this one does end up as tonsillitis again, that’ll be 3 during lockdown, 4 times since February half term, and 6 times since September.

The week ended with a mammoth thunderstorm – hail, wind, rain, thunder and lightning, although only for about a half hour, although it’s continued raining. The fields really needed it as we’re going to struggle to get a second cut of grass for silage. The grass just isn’t growing and the spring barley isn’t going to be good either. It’s been freezing in the house though. The blankets and jumpers are out again..

This week’s photo is of the front garden. Midweek the OH got the telehandler out and pushed / sawed the large tree down that was between the cooking and eating apple trees. Evidently the father in law was concerned about the apple trees. While it’s sad to see it go, hopefully it’ll give the small apple tree chance to grow.

chopped down tree space in garden between apple trees .

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  1. The lemon chicken sounds amazing, how fab your butcher does deliveries, although an acknowledgement of your order might be nice just so you know what to expect! I guess they are rushed off their feet. We enjoy jigsaws too, I need to get another x

  2. Lol your comments about the puppies made me laugh. I am the same with the blog only I don’t seem to be able to find the time to write them. Sorry to hear about the crops I hope the recent rain has helped

  3. Glad to hear your INR levels have come back down and are in a better range. The 300-piece puzzles sound fun – I should look into getting some around that size for Sophie as she could do with some bigger ones now. Hope that N is feeling better now. #project366

    1. The 300 piece one was good as it was bigger pieces still. N won’t even try the 500 piece ones as they’re more grown up and harder work. He’s much better now tanks

  4. I do love a good thunderstorm although we don’t seem to get many here, just the odd rumble. I cannot believe that N has tonsillitis again, hopefully he will be eligible to get them taken out

  5. Our weather has been rubbish too this week – storm, hail, rain … but it’s hot so I don’t want to wear a big coat when I go to work so I end up getting soaked ! Glad your health problems have sorted themselves out, but it’ such a shame for your son to be suffering again. Good idea to study racism and the USA now – it’s always easier to get the message across when it relates to real life 🙂

  6. It’s so strange how different topics/curriculum in school are, Eddie certainly didn’t study anything to do with the USA last year. Or this one. Is it history as well as geography covered?
    Chicken with mash sounds tasty. Sorry to hear about the tonsils.
    I don’t think I have a bloggers’ block as such, more of lacking motivation. I have a couple of hundred of posts in my Draft, mostly ideas. Then after a while they lose relevance, and I just delete them. Would love to see your recipe posts.

    1. N does topic for half a term and it covers every aspect – geography, history, science, art, sometimes maths. So the USA they’re doing geography obviously, culture, history. It’s a good way of getting them really getting absorbed in the whole essence of the topic. Each week will have a different part of that topic covered. Earlier in the school the topic work was a bit rubbish themwise – magic was one, and Me was another. But Y3 upwards they’ve done much better stuff – Rivers/flow, natural hazards, Romans, ancient greeks and now the USA. Next year I think he Tudors is one of them.

  7. I have not had lemon chicken in YEARS!!!!! You have me drooling now!
    A German Shepherd which is a wuss? Awww I bet she is a cutie! 🙂
    I hope N is feeling much better now, the poor thing really has been struggling with his tonsils during lockdown but didn’t realise he had had 6 bouts since September 🙁 The change in weather this last week won’t have helped either – just grateful we haven’t had to deal with a thunderstorm too! Hope you are having a good week and N is feeling tip top! Sim x

  8. Great topic for N to work on. Awww puppies! Good thing your INR is back to normal. Drafted for 2 years? Woah, the longest I’ve left a draft post is 1 year. Nice snap of your front lawn.

    1. I say drafts, but really they’re post topic plus some notes. This one was a bit more detailed, but didn’t have a time limit on it, so other posts jumped ahead of it.

  9. Glad you’ve got the blood levels back under control. Poor N, I hope things pick up for him and he feels better. It is so cold this week. The weather is rubbish xx

  10. Glad your results came back OK!

    The weather is horrible isn’t it…I actually have put the heating back on a couple of times.

    Oh no re the possible tonsillitis again!

    Hope the apple trees grow well now.

  11. not sounding good on the tonsils. My daughter at 40 went through a year of on/off tonsillitis with barely 2 weeks between bouts, she must have had 6 or 7 over the year with 2 week antibiotic courses.
    Oh dear at the glass confusing the puppies.
    Land management can seem strange as to why you make the decision to chop down healthy trees but hopefully these 2 will now get a chance

  12. Glad you’ve got the blood levels back under control. I’ve had the heating on once or twice this week, but I’m certainly liking the rain for the garden and of course the cooler, wet weather keeps the idiots indoors. hope n feels better soon

  13. Poor N! Sorry to hear about the possible tonsilitis again, he really has been struggling lately. I really hope the grass starts to grown in the fields again for you, it must be a worry.
    I don’t usually get blogger’s block either, but I’m a bit stuck for a couple of weeks’ time. No doubt inspiration will strike before I run out of ideas.

  14. Hope N manages to keep the tonsillitis at bay. The smaller apple tree should have more light and room to grow into – hope cutting down the other tree does the job.

  15. Ahh! I’ve had to get the socks out again and the fleecy pj’s. I am not liking this weather at all.
    Well done N for doing well with his school work. We have done a bit about the USA and racism this past week and my youngest thought it was so interesting.
    Oh no! Poor N. I hope it isn’t tonsillitis again.
    Fab photo! I hope the small apple trees grow now x

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