gaia installation in stowe house

Project 52 2023 week 42

It’s been a wet week with Storm Babet coming in. I’ve got back to doing puzzles again this week, and had have had sports cancellations, so it’s felt a little less frantic than maybe normal (apart from being super busy at work). Here’s my week 42 for Project 52.

On Sunday I went to see the Gaia art installation at Stowe House. It’s nice that it came locally, and was pretty cool to see. Although I spent more time waiting for my slot than actually being in there seeing it.

Monday was report publication day at work. One down, one to go next month. Phew. Otherwise it was a pretty cold day – the Turtlegloves were back on while working. And I think I’ll be having soup for lunch lots this week.

On Tuesday it was another work and school day with not a lot else happening. I made chicken casserole for dinner – something that’s easy to keep warm for the OH when he’s late in without having to reheat it.

Wednesday the storm started. Spooky but I was always reading a book of a family holidaying when a hurricane hits. Not quite hurricane level, and actually the rain wasn’t as heavy as I expected either. It was football training after school. I’m so glad that’s now indoors for the winter rather than struggling in the rain with mobile floodlights. Let’s hope Saturday’s pitches aren’t too waterlogged.

On Thursday it was a full work day. After school N went to a friend’s house. It was, as expected, light on organisation from them, but it all worked out in the end. He had a great time, and despite it being wet, they got out and played football on the playing fields. I think it’s great he’s spreading his wings with different friends than primary school.

Friday was super wet overnight. Our patio was flooded and I’ve not seen the roads as bad for a long time. It rained most of the day although it stopped for enough for the group tennis lesson to go ahead.

N had his orthodontist check. He was given the choice to either continue with the twin blocks (which he doesn’t wear enough) or have teeth taken out then train tracks. He could have been a lot further down the line and not necessarily have needed the teeth out if he’d worn the previous ones like he was meant to. I can understand why he wouldn’t though as the twin blocks were cumbersome. So we’re back to waiting to find out when the next phase will get moving and the twin blocks are no more.

On Saturday, pitch inspection had their cup match cancelled. That’s 2 matches (1 cup, 1 league) that will need playing another time. Hopefully it won’t be too long to wait to get those in. We headed into town instead for a couple of bits. It was very empty as the fair is in town, so the market was elsewhere and just 3 stalls. Luckily the bakery is one still there. Otherwise I did some of a new puzzle and caught up on some blogging.

gaia installation in stowe house

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  1. The Gaia art installation is beautiful isn’t it, I have seen it twice in two different venues. Isaac has been refered to the orthodontist, finally, we had to wait for all his baby teeth to fall out. He doesn’t want braces, but I don’t want him to get to adulthood and then regret not having them

    1. That’s my feeling about teeth too although ours didnt wait til all of his were out, at teferral he still had 1 left to go, which was out by the time he went to ge fitted. (Although the OH thinks just leave them be). N just wanted traintracks from the start even with having 2 teeth out. Because he wouldn’t wear the twin blocks fully it’s meant that was a waste of 6 months since we started with those as we can’t now get an appt back at the normal dentist til December to get teeth taken out, then will have to go back again to the orthodontist in January. So got knows when he’ll actually get the brace. It’s a lot of school lessons to miss.

  2. Good to hear N is making friends outside of his school group, it’s lovely when they broaden their wings. Hope the football matches can be played throughout the winter. I used to carry a garden fork in my car so we could sort out any water logging in the goal mouth.

    1. So pleased. Last year was horrible for them (not that they cared) in the pouring rain, and us having to put up/take down the lights. Then having them training outside means more damage to the pitches/less recovery time. Bit different training indoors but they’re still learning a lot they can transfer to full size pitch/team outdoors.

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