Trendy Tuesday

Needless to say, N’s been in casual and has looked fairly scruffy today.  Note to self, really should remember that a Tuesday might mean photos and blog post feature, so dress him in nicer gear!

He’s getting through clothes like anything at the moment as well – whether it be too much poo (Sainsbury’s nappies really don’t do the job compared with Pampers!) or just everyday nursery and outdoor play and exploration.   He seems to have stacks of t-shirts in his wardrobe, and they’re definitely needed.

After the few weeks of amazing hot weather, we’re back to up and down, with rain showers (yesterday’s was quite spectacular) but a bit of mugginess, plus more normal temperatures for summer in the UK.  We decided on trousers today.  I’d got out jeans but he said no, so we opted for yet another pair of chinos.

I love chinos for children (and for me, although I do struggle to find some that fit round my chunky calves), and N’s got quite a few options.  I think quite a few are drying downstairs (is every parent’s house like a laundry room? We permanently seem to have clothes drying) so I dragged out another pair of terracotta ones.  Embarrassingly, it must have seemed to nursery that he was dressed in the same clothes as yesterday as I appeared to have purchased virtually the same shade of chinos twice.  Plus, with most of N’s jumpers or jackets being bright colours, we’re fairly restricted on what tops go.

Boy and soft toys

So today he was in:

  • Terracotta chinos – Tu at Sainsbury’s
  • Pale blue rugby t-shirt – Laundered, a designer brand I’ve never heard of from TK Maxx (N says it’s a boat on the front, but it’s really a rugby ball!)
  • Chipmunk leather sandals – from Zulily, seems they make own brand shoes for other well known brands.


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  1. LOVE chinos. They are a great colour as well. I’m lucky, we have a large airing cupboard so I can hide most of my drying laundry in there! x

    1. Our airing cupboard’s full of towels/bed linen and the OH’s piles of work clothes so a bit chaotic for anything else. Need to put in some more shelves really. Not so bad in the winter as the aga’s on, so clothes dry so much quicker (although lots more dirty clothes to wash)

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