Listography: top 5 things I love about kids

This is a really interesting listography for me, as I’m not really a fan of children, or at least wasn’t until I had N.  Even now I’m not a ‘baby’ person, although obviously I love N, the children in our family, and my children’s friends are great too.  The ones I can’t stand are the ones who misbehave and have parents who don’t notice or care how badly behaved they are.

I also don’t have a great deal of experience to draw on so here’s my listography based on having a soon to be 16 month old:

1, Having fun.  Having a child means you can be as silly as possible and play with all those toys, reminiscing on the old days with the toys that are still around.

2, Excitement for development.  When you’re an adult, personal development is often a phrase that strikes fear and boredom when at work – something you have to do as part of working, even though you really don’t have the time for it on the day job, but with children they develop so quickly it’s great to see what they learn and the joy they take in learning.

3, Memories. I love looking back at old photos from when we were children, and N’s going to have so many more to look at what with all the photos and firsts journal I keep.  Great excuse to take lots of photos.

4, Laughing…see fun, but also at them.  At this age, they just laugh with you and don’t realise you’re laughing at them when they do ‘stupid’ things.  It won’t last so I’m making th emost of it now.

5, The smiles and hugs.  Let’s face it, there’s not many people that get ‘needy’ arms held out to them everyday, and you’d get sick of it if you had adults doing it to you, but children holding their arms up for a hug, or coming over for a ‘love’ is brilliant.

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  1. LIking that list, especially the ‘silly’ first one – what else are kids for if not an excuse to act like a big kid yourself?! Lol 🙂

  2. Hear hear to all of those, especially 5. It’s the transparent need they have of us that’s so moving. Noone will ever need us like our kids do and noone will ever be so interested in every minute detail of our existence as our mothers, even when we’re grown.

    1. Thanks for visiting.
      Agree, and it’s the one thing that you never really have until you have children. So awe-inspiring how life changes and is made even more special.

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