Tornado playhouse

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I was confused to say the least on Tuesday to arrive home and find there were bits of [amazon_textlink asin=’B00QGSMJV8|B00QGSMK5I’ text=’Little Tikes playhouse’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bubbaandme-21|bubbandme04-20′ marketplace=’UK|US’ link_id=’1488c6cd-7558-11e8-8f91-5332916ee4a8′] roof on the lawn but no house.  Odd?!  Couldn’t work out why it would have been removed but thought maybe it had been taken down the road to go to my sister-in-law’s where N goes twice a week for them to play with there.

But then when the OH got home he say he’d found it on the front lawn.  Presumably it was really windy, along with the hale & rain storms there’d been all day, and it had been blown from the back patio, round the side of the house, and onto the front garden.  Now that’s some distance because bear in mind our back garden is all open and basically like a small paddock.  It can be quite windy round by us because it’s all exposed, but things got even stranger when I noticed that the slide and rocker (which previous weeks had seen the wind blow the latter right up against the fence) hadn’t moved an inch from where they’d been on the lawn.

Obviously the playhouse being on the concrete rather than the grass didn’t have friction to keep it where it was.  Grrr, so it’s now a bit destroyed…although I’ve not seen it as the OH put it in the garage out of the way.  Will have to go and investigate and see if it’s salvageable, otherwise I’ll be trawling ebay and local selling boards for some other kind of outdoor toy.  Maybe a climbing frame may work out better being more open sided.  Less chance of freak (although it wasn’t gale force winds this last week) weather moving it!

Luckily N’s young enough not to miss it or even notice it’s gone.

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    1. Took a lot of time and effort to collect and get it in the car. Am hoping it’s repairable, but just pleased it was an ebay bargain and I’d not paid full price!

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