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We’re saying it with bears for some Jellycat love

N is quite partial to soft toys, and gradually the number of them around the house is growing.  He’s got some of my old toys (my rag doll), a tigger and winnie the pooh from his Grandma when she died, and various others that he’s had from birth or been bought as treats (The Gruffalo and Gruffalo Child for potty training).

So when I was asked to review Say it with Bears, there was no way I was going to say no.

Say it with Bears have a huge choice of soft toys. We looked at the JellyCat range, although the Peter Rabbit range would also have been a good choice for N.  It was really hard to choose from the Jellycat range, they’re so cute, and I knew there’d be several designs that N would love.

Some of the toys could even be personalised, but I opted for FuddleWuddle dog.

Jellycat dog - say it with bears

It arrived beautifully packed, in a good sized box, wrapped up in cellophane with a ribbon.  If you’ve got gifts to buy for new babies, then Say it with Bears is definitely a company to check out.

N was ecstatic to see his new dog.  It’s yet to be given a final name.  N’s at the stage where he doesn’t come up with any names other than people who’re in his family.  With the dog, we were also sent a birth certificate to add the name, birthdate and place of birth.  That’s a really sweet idea and a great way to teach children about names and birthdays and what they mean.

Making friends with Say it with Bears dog

The dog got a lot of cuddles and laughter.

The toy is made with the same good quality that I’d expect from Jellycat, and is just the right size for N – not too big that he can’t take it out and about if needed and not too small that there’s not enough for a good hug.

hugging his jellycat dog

After a few hugs, N then had a face to face chat with his Jellycat dog. It was really funny to see the face off, and the chatting didn’t stop.

jelly cat dog from say it with bears

The dog’s now a favourite, and N’s announced that it’ll be taken camping with us.  The Jellycat toys are really soft, as soft as N’s frog blanket, so it’s not surprising that he’s become so attached.  I’m making the most of him enjoying soft toys before he starts school and gets too old for teddies.

I’ll definitely be looking at Say it with Bears for newborn baby gifts in future.


Disclosure: We were sent a bear of our choice for the purpose of review. All opinions and words are my own.

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  1. I love jellycat toys you just can’t beat them for softness. I’m going to get one for my friend’s new baby too #triedandtested

  2. Jelly cat teds are the best imo. They are so soft and fluffy. My son has a cat that he’s had since birth & I will be getting my friends new baby one when he/she is born x

    1. They are gorgeous aren’t they? I think it’s the softness that makes them so snuggly. N’s had to be taken camping with him too, and it gets taken out on his bike.

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