a bug on poppy seed heads

Project 365 2015 week 29 – school settling, nursery ending

This week’s Project 365 includes some big milestones, a school settling in period and the last official day of nursery school…kind of.  Here’s week 29’s photos.

Sunday was N’s non-birthday party.  Beforehand, N helped me with setting up and getting lunches prepped.  I’m not sure what he was trying to do with his bike, and why he wasn’t riding it.  He usually just rescues picks single leaves, but he found a twig of oak leaves to bedeck his bike.

bike bedecked in leaves

Monday was his school settling in day. He had a ball, much of which I think involved him sweeping and mopping up muddy puddles outside, wearing shorts, t shirt and sandals, having shed his jumper and coat on the way out of the door! He was filthy by the end of the day, but said it was good.  He was then pleased because for him 3.15pm is a short finish so he got to go out on the farm with his dad.  I caught this photo of him as he was chilling out at the end of the day.

tired after a first day at school - eyes

Tuesday was back to nursery again.  N’s not keen on learning numbers but he does use numbers and maths on a practical basis which is reassuring. There’s hope for him and his maths learning once he’s at school.  He told me that morning that he’d been at school 1 day, and that meant he had 2 days left that week at his day nursery, and 2 days at his nursery school.  Spot on N!  He did insist on wearing his bike helmet into nursery including in the car.  He doesn’t look happy having his photo taken, even though he chose to wear the helmet.

wearing a cycling helment in his car seat

Wednesday after nursery, I found N had been investigating under the bed and had dragged out a box of my Nan’s costume jewellery. It’s perfect for young eyes – it’s glitzy, bright and fun for N, who rarely sees me wear any jewellery other than my engagement and wedding rings, watch and earrings.  He was particularly attached to a (hideous in my eyes) red rose brooch.  It reminded me of myself when I was younger, because I used to love looking in my mum’s jewellery box.

checking out the costume jewellery

Thursday I didn’t take any photos until after work.  It’s quite exciting because the person I sit next to (I think I’ve managed to make ‘my’ hot desk known as mine, and she has a set desk) turns out to have a csc camera too so we were comparing notes.  That then led on to us deciding to go out on some photography walks at lunch times, and then we decided to set up a photo club at work.  One of the guys in my team is an amazing photographer, having been runner up in last year’s wildlife photographer of the year – he’s not signed up obviously, but there’s interest from about 8 or 9 people, so hopefully post everyone’s holidays we’ll set it up for a lunchtime and we can do walks and talks.

The photos from today were all floral. My ‘quick grow’ annuals haven’t flowered yet (I think I put too many seeds in the wall because the leaves are going mad, growing thick and fast), but luckily there’s some gorgeous flowers over at my in laws garden.  I managed to catch this insect on the poppy pods.

a bug on poppy seed heads

Friday was N’s sports day at nursery school and his last nursery school day of the school term (he’ll be going for some holiday club days, and after school club come September).  He’s always been good at gross motor skills, and always seems quite a fast runner when he’s trying to beat his 6 year old cousin, but he told me beforehand ‘I won’t win because I’m not fast enough’.  Talk about a defeatist attitude.  He was certainly a bit oblivious during the races – I think he wasn’t really switched on to listen out for the starting whistle so he didn’t stand a chance.  But he took part in all the races, and then ran back each time to sit nicely behind the start until he was called up again for the next race.

I’m hoping that he is like me. When I was at nursery and school before we moved house, I was rubbish at sport.  I’d be still stood at the starting line with my egg and spoon while everyone else had run off (cheating, holding their eggs), and finished. But then aged 7 we moved house, moved schools and all of a sudden I’d found sportiness and was in everything.  Hopefully N will be the same even if he doesn’t get it now.  I got some great action jumping race photos of him – he looked like he was really trying which if he’s not going to win, then trying has to be the second best!

jumping race at sports day

Saturday has been all about packing for camping so I’ve not taken many photos.  This was at lunchtime.  We usually just have french bread sandwiches, and we add cucumber and raw pepper on the side.  After he’d finished the chopped up pieces, N decided to eat the rest of the red pepper like an apple. He had a lovely giant orange ‘smile’ afterwards.

pepper stained face

It’s been a busy week, but satisfying to have got so many things out of the way and a break to look forward to.

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    1. He is a strange child. Just about explains it! I bet nursery wonder what goes through their heads sometimes with the items that must get taken in

  1. it is amazing how you can see yourself in the antics of your child. Glad he had a great day at school, just hope he doesnt come home disappointed next year cos he has to sit in a classroom.
    Sounds like a good way to eat a pepper to me.
    Great concentration on the jumping there.

    1. Ha ha, I’m not sure they do that much sitting until they go up a class, and some of the year 1s who still need more play than structure stay down in the mixed class with reception so it does ease them in fairly gently. He doesn’t mind sitting at tables as long as he’s interested. Im hoping the teacher can spark an interest in numbers and letters otherwise itll be hard

  2. Lol the helmet pic did make me smile!
    The photography club sounds like a fab idea and love the insect photo!

  3. What a week! It must have been quite emotional. The jewellery box reminds me of the stuff my Nana used to wear. Am impressed that N would eat a pepper like an apple. My kids wouldn’t eat one cut into minuscule pieces and cooked and disguised in a sauce!

    1. Thanks Kim. Yep, hoping the photography club takes off, now just need to make sure noone puts meetings over that day’s lunch time!

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