Creative and pretend play

Until recently, N’s not really done anything other than drive his tractors round, or baking and cooking with his toy food and microwave (or my oven).  But in the last week, I’ve really seen his play become more creative.

He’s been building ‘snugs’ (can’t really call them dens), using blankets, duvets, cushions and pillows, then snuggling down with his soft toys in them.

His ride on tractor isn’t just a tractor, he’s also going ‘baling’ or ‘drilling’ with whatever item he’s used to pretend is that piece of equipment (he does have a trailer, but it’s over at the farm rather than at ours for some reason, so his keyboard appears to be a very good drill at the moment).  He’s obviously got this from a combination of his cousin (who is extremely creative with the farming work he is ‘doing’ at any one time and Tractor Ted dvds.

john deere tractor toy
Drilling – obviously cables are essential
tractor toy
Tying the plough up

It’s great to watch him play, especially as he’ll have a conversation with me about what he is doing, if not show me.  The only downside is that the place is a tip, as doing ‘farmwork’ involves getting a lot of play food out, or ‘fence posts’ (aka swimming woggle) out to ensure he’s got enough equipment to use for the job.

What creative and pretend play situations do your children set up?

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  1. Aww that is sweet! I love his tractor. Kids are hilarious to listen to when their imagination gets going.

    1. His tractor’s great. Birthday present from his grandparents…v generous. He’s got an old second hand one (ebay purchase) for outside, so this ones stays decent indoors.

    1. We’ve not got excited by construction sites yet despite him loving the Dig dig digging book. This morning though, he’d removed the bottom shelf/basket from the dishwasher and that was his plough!

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