Sticker Fun

Kids love stickers. Don’t they?

I think N does but not to the extent some other children appear to.

He has a few sticker books and likes occasionally spending time sticking the stickers onto blank pages.  We’ve not reached the sticker activity book stage where he puts them correctly in place (a farm activity book wasn’t really that exciting to him bizarrely, considering his usual enrapture with anything to do with farms).

Occasionally he’ll like to stick the stickers on himself.  In his advent calendar some days had glittery Thomas the Tank Engine stickers in, so those usually got put on himself (or I found them on me later in the day where they’d fallen on the floor and I’d picked them up accidentally).  I’m quite relieved that he’s not (yet) gone through the ‘stickers are for sticking everywhere in the house’ stage. So far, he seems to be good about keeping them to colouring books or paper.

At nursery they give out stickers for various behaviours.  I think they’re mostly meant to be to do with potty training, but every day N seems to have a little one stuck to his front, seemingly for playing nicely with others, or for being good.  A bit general, but his key worker assures me they don’t just hand them out willy nilly.  I don’t want him expecting them, especially if we decide to use stickers as a reward system when we do potty training.

Having said that, whenever I pick him up and notice a sticker, he’s always surprised that he’s got one. Bit dozy sometimes, but I expect he’s got too many other things to be getting on with during his day.

Where’s the worst place your child’s stuck a sticker (and just in case, any recommendations for sticker removal methods?

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