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More interactive fun with Megableu Games

We enjoyed our Halloween games from Megableu games, so were anticipating similar types of games for our second games session.

N was just as excited about their arrival.  They were certainly unlike any games we had as children.  Back in the day, interactive games were limited to Buckaroo, so it’s great to see games getting more adventurous than flat board games.

megableu games

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We had 3 games to review, Alien Mission, Trickin’ Camel and Cobra Attack.    And damn, more sets of batteries required!  My drawer of spare batteries is being severely depleted.

Alien Mission

At first glance, Alien Mission seems quite similar to the shooting game we had before.  But it’s a bit more virtual in design.  Instead of the laser aliens being projected onto the walls, you wear special goggles and the alien images are in the glasses and you just point towards them and shoot.

The goggles were easy to set up (you just click one piece into the outer), and both they and the gun required batteries to set up.  I found syncing them easy, although note to self read the instructions before you play.  The point is to shoot the aliens, not the robots – I was shooting both.

I had a good go and my turn went on a decent amount of time.  Because there’s only one set of goggles and gun, it’s very much a solo game – any other players may get bored because they don’t get a view of what you’re seeing.  You don’t need any room at all to play though which is good.

playing alien mission

The funniest thing was watching N play though.  He’s nearly 5, but the concept of staying still and just pointing the gun in the direction of the pictures he was seeing was beyond him.  Highly amusing watching him moving his head round.  It takes a bit of getting used to and the goggles are quite large, but he didn’t moan at them being uncomfortable.  The head strap is adjustable too so fits all head sizes.

I think this is a good game if there’s not many who want to play, but it’s not that sociable.

Trickin’ Camel

We loved Trickin’ Camel.  It provided a lot of laughs, even though it is really difficult even on the easiest level.

The gist of the game is that you need to get as many bottles as possible from his back.  It’s easy to set up (more batteries required), and there’s a pipette included to put water into the camel’s mouth ready for spitting.

setting up trickin camel

You can choose the number of players, although we just got stuck in and each had a go.  There’s 3 different games to play – memory, last light, and hit the light.  Each player gets to play each challenge on their go, if you pass the challenge you take a bottle.  If you fail, the opponents take a bottle and you get water spat out.  The tricking part is that the camel will randomly chuck out the bottles and you can grab them.

playing trickin camel

We found the challenges really hard – well, number one especially which was guessing which light was the last to come on.  Impossible.  We got it wrong every time.  But great fun seeing if we got spat.

waiting to be spat on by the camel

It’s a fun game, although maybe a bit irritating if you never get the challenges right.  And it’s good to have a game that a few people can play together.

Cobra Attack

I’ve not seen a game like Cobra Attack before, but it’s good for when you need to calm down children.  The aim is to retrieve the jewel from the basket without making the cobra pop out.

My brother initially set it up to play.  There’s 3 levels to play.  When the snake’s eyes go red you stand still, when they’re green you can move towards the basket.  It’s movement activated, and we found at first it was quite sensitive.  But after a bit of practice N was able to get the jewel.

setting up megableu cobra game

Cobra Attack seemed easy to set up first of all, but when I tried to set it up again the next time N wanted to play, I found the key in the back pointless and that it wouldn’t move up or down.  I then struggled to get the snake in.  But after a break, I tried again and it went in fine.  I think it could have been made more straightforward, but it seemed to work ok.

Overall the games are interesting and different…but I have found that they’re more suitable for single players (with the exception of Trickin’ Camel), because other players have to wait around for their go.  As a parent I’m not sure if they’re games I’d automatically be drawn to buy because I’d go for games that are more inclusive to a group playing at once.  But N certainly enjoyed playing all of them.

Each game we reviewed is aimed at 5 years + and you can buy them from the usual high street stores, or get them at Amazon.

What kind of games do your family enjoy?


Disclosure: These games were provided as part of the Megableu Games family games night campaign and I’ve been compensated.  All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Ah these look fun, I haven’t heard of any of these! My little boy is still a bit young to be interested in games but I do think he might like the cobra attack one! He likes to be scared lol x

  2. We are big fans of board games. We still have all mine from the 70/80s and my pair love them. It’s one of the few toys that don’t seem to go out of fashion

  3. I am loving reading your game reviews. I;d like to try out Cobra attack and the trick me camel one looks really fun. Sylvia would love these! I need to make more space in my house for fun games like this and we need to have a family games night! Thanks for the inspiration! Angela

  4. Though alien mission sounds like more a one man game I am still loving it and would actually buy it for myself to play. I was never into games as a kid but now I seem to be loving them.

  5. Awesome!! My boys would LOVE Alien Mission, would make a great gift, too. Might have to add that to the (ever growing) Christmas list, hehe.I think my daughter would like the trickin’ camel, that looks fun. They all look fab 🙂 xx

  6. These games look great, although like you, i prefer ones where the whole family can get involved. xxx

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