If you’re a fan of playing games (or who have children who are), hopefully you’ll have spotted my posts about Halloween games and other interactive games from Megableu.  If not , go and check them out now!

As well as having some great fun playing the family games, I’m launching a competition for a lucky reader to win all 5 games.  Yes, that’s all 5 games.  With Christmas coming up, that means the winner could have gifts covered (we’ll make sure you get the prize before Christmas), or simply have games to play in those cosy winter nights when you don’t want to set foot outside.

The 5 games are suitable from age 5+, although N was happy enough playing most of them in his own way, and he’s not quite 5.

Prizes are:

Alien Mission
Cobra Attack
Trickin’ Camel
Creepy Hand
Ghost Hunt Evolution

megableu games

All are interactive and can be played alone or with more players.  My advice…have a drawer full of batteries.

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To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment telling me what sort of game you would want to see created and complete the rafflecopter widget.  There are also a couple of additional entry options to increase your chance of entering.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions

  1. UK entry only, over 18s
  2. Giveaway closes 11.59pm 2nd December 2015
  3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
  4. There is 1 prize of 5 megableu games
  5. The data of anyone that enters won’t be passed on to any third parties or used for any unsolicited marketing communications.
  6. Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, and may be shared on social media.
  7. Winner will be notified via email, and will need to respond with their postal address by 9.30am 5th DECEMBER otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
  8. Prize will be sent out with the intention of being delivered before Christmas
  9. This giveaway may be featured on Loquax, Prizefinder and Superlucky


Disclosure: Sponsored competition


  1. David Crabb

    I’d create a science game around the subject of evolution.

  2. Victoria Prince

    I would create a game involving building something, that didn’t require batteries!

  3. Would love them to bring back some of the games I used to play when I was a nipper. crossbows and catapults and escape from atlantis kept my brother and me happy for hours

  4. Kirsteen Mackay

    A fashion design memory game because it would be quite easy to create.

  5. tracy sinclair

    A game with dice to teach little ones numbers and counting x

  6. vivian allman

    this would be great it’s great to have a giggle as a family….

  7. sarah-dawn pope

    A word game with scrabble-type tiles where you make chains of words….the new word must start with the last letter of the previous word. Extra points if you can use the last 2, 3 or more letters.

  8. Allan Fullarton

    I would invent a game with alcoholic drinks…

  9. Theresaparker

    A game about cats or music….love both!

  10. Theresa Thomas

    I would invent a game that to win you must lose

  11. Ian Dawson

    A revamp of Hide and Seek called Hide and Shoot – People hide then they get shot (laser tag esque) when they are found.

  12. Chantel L

    Maybe a virtual reality game (with goggles?) travelling to different places with different tasks to complete. Fun but educational.

  13. Pauline Black

    A game where the loser gets chocolate! I never win!

  14. I would create a game in which cats ruled over people.

  15. Val Pownall

    A game where the little ones have to sit down and be quiet and amuse themselves for half an hour – it’d never work though! 😀

  16. Clare Hubbard

    A game where their are forfeits that involve tidying house, would love the kids to play it!

  17. Lucie m fish

    A game that teaches my kids to tidy up

  18. stacey Bell

    A game that teaches kids to today their room.

  19. Alison Clark

    A drs game – i think dr Ranj did a great job in teaching kids not to be scr=ared to go to the drs and I think a game could help also.

  20. becci cleary

    A Memory/Skill game which is fun but helps to learn aswell

  21. natalie vezina

    a mystery dragon type adventure game

  22. sharon williams

    a singing and performing game. by picking up random cards you have 10 seconds to make up a song or dance about it

  23. kelly morgan

    a game involving cooking for my little nephew

  24. Caroline James

    I’d invent a game that is thought provoking and uses your imaginations.

  25. lynn neal

    I would make a board game with a a toy shop theme!

  26. Jackie osborne

    Something that involves a puzzle with a degree of learning

  27. Charlotte Jones

    Something similar to mousetrap where there’s an obstacle course to get around the board 🙂

  28. Vickie Jackson

    When I was younger we used to play that game where you have random clothes, a dice, a cold bar of chocolate and a plastic knife and fork.

    You had to roll a 6 and quickly put on the clothes and cut as many pieces of chocolate off the bar as you could before the next person threw a 6.

    Something like that would be fab, but you could do it that you put the clothes on and had to do a silly thing until the next 6 was thrown

  29. Gemma Chantler

    I would like to make a traditional board game, with no technology or apps!

  30. Christine Hobbs

    A guess what game. My family used to love Guess Who so why not take it further with a Guess What game maybe toy related pictures like barbie and Thomas the Tank x

  31. elaine stokes

    a skill game, that taxes your brain………………….

  32. Donna Lewis

    A fun educational game for teaching children their Times Tables = (I work in a Secondary school and it’s surprising how many students even the y10&y11’s, who do not know their tables). If there was a fun game for them to learn them when they are young it would be fab. I’m looking for one for my little nephew.

  33. Sioni Barnes

    A minecraft board game to try and encourage the kids off the computer!! Xx

  34. Tarbs Gill

    A tube maze game –you lose if the marble doesn’t end up in the right place!

  35. alice lightning

    a game called the pyramid you have to try to escape from the pyramid going through obstacles along the way whoever get out of course is the winner

  36. Teresa sheldon

    I think a board game about a dog rescue sanctuary things like if you land on the stray dog your dog had to go back to the pound, it begins with players rescuing their chosen dogged having to race around the board doing various tricks etc with his new owner I know it needs a bit ot twining but proceeds could go to dog rescue what do you think?

  37. Rachelle Hands

    I like games which make you use your brain and word games scrabble an all time favourite!

  38. clair brown

    My Daughter actually came up with a really cute idea for a game, you are santa and you have to deliver the presents without waking up the child sleeping in the bed, I thought that sounded fab.

  39. Layla Thomas

    Something that is educational but fun.

  40. Lynsie Lynn

    I would create a fun educational game! 🙂

  41. Michaela B

    i asked my kids and apparently it would have to have a combination of ponies, trains and minecraft …hmm!

  42. Samantha Mann

    An action game where you had to be two animals at once… a bit like animal charades

  43. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    a game where you went round the board and collected hand/body stamps – aways wanted that to exsist when i was a kid (yes i know..its odd!)

  44. Rebecca Smith

    A game between parents and kids like vice versa roles would make it very silly

  45. rachael jones

    something to do with burping ! specially for my son lol !

  46. Allan Wilson

    A board game with ponies for my horse mad offspring

  47. Kate Sabin-Burns

    something silly and funny, like dares etc

  48. One about animals and rescuing them and curing them – educational too, teaching children to look after pets and that animals rely on the owners for everything. @PeanutHog

  49. Something to tie in with school history topics

  50. Nicola Holland

    A physical platform game with super mario – to get kids away from computers 🙂

  51. samantha walker

    something that makes all the family giggle 🙂

  52. stephen holman

    one that my nieces would love – so it would have to be messy with lots of rude noises!

  53. lynn HEATH

    I would create a game that involves sweeping up dropped food, you never know it might get the message through to the kids to pick up after themselves!!

  54. I’m not very creative. Maybe something with numbers 🙂

  55. Karen Scammell

    One that teaches about wildlife, gardening or animals or care of pets

  56. Pauline Wilson

    A fun quiz or puzzle game that had simple instructions you don’t need a University degree to fathom out or batteries to operate

  57. Barbara Handley

    A game that did not have lots of pieces which could get lost which seems to happen to my grandchildren’s games.

  58. A game with marbles (or wooden balls) that fit into differing size holes, with tubes so children can see them drop, they could use one ball to hit another into a hole etc

  59. Alison MacDonald

    An adventure game looking for hidden treasure and avoiding traps and enemies along the way. 🙂

  60. cat culmer

    Something with farm animals because my sons currently obsessed with them

  61. Kerry Locke

    A family game that is super energetic so the kids get super tired and go to bed early

  62. One with dinosaurs, would keep my son happy for hours!

  63. Robyn Logan Clarke

    One that tests various skills, so that all the family can play.

  64. Angela Paull

    Some kind of active hide and seek type thing

  65. Charmian Filewood

    A quiz, with different elements like drawing, miming, etc

  66. Claire Bingham

    a creative game, maybe something with drawing pictures to tell a story based on set words given

  67. Sheri Darby

    A menu game – children pick up cards and aim to create a balanced diet

  68. Stacey Leigh

    Ooh I’m not sure, maybe some kind of memory pattern recognition game? It would have to involve dinosaurs too!

  69. kate kathurima

    a learning game which is fun for the kids

  70. a domino falling game that actually works !

  71. Amy Peters

    Definitely some kind of harry potter board game! haha

  72. A cross between a quiz and skill game that involves different countries so that we can all learn some geography and culture whilst we play

  73. Sam Goodwin

    Oh gosh I really like the Alien Mission game, would love to see an adult zombie version thats a bit scary!!

  74. Michelle C

    A game to help with maths, maybe money based.

  75. Corinne Peat

    A scary game with ghosts and witches for hallowe’en

  76. Catherine

    A game with a forest and wolves being the good characters 🙂

  77. Hilda Hazel Wright

    I’d create some kind of Enchanted Wood adventure, with pixies and fairies and treasure!

  78. Catherine Whetton

    Something like a pub quiz style game 🙂

  79. Jo m welsh

    A problem solving game but with age ranges so all the family could join in

  80. A fairytale game, themed with all different fairytales and characters

  81. Natalie Crossan

    Something the whole family would play xx

  82. Tammy Tudor

    a musical quiz game with music buzzers 🙂


    My children love hungry hippos so maybe something like that

  84. Kim Styles

    I would like to create a learning to look after a dog game , where they have to walk feed give medication and take to the vet -to teach children how a pet has to be looked after

  85. jules eley

    something like monopoly i love board games only instead of of streets i would do football teams and build pitches etc My son would love that!

  86. olivia Kirby

    A Christmas board game, based on the Nativity and the winner gets a room at the inn!

  87. elaine robinson

    Something to do with Dinosaurs,my grandson loves them.


    laser tag games are good for tiring the kids out

  89. maggie ali

    Definitely a trivia game! it’s my favourite!

  90. Sarah Louise

    Good question! I love quizzes so it would be some kind of quiz!

  91. Claire Willmer

    A challenge game testing senses such a smell, touch taste 🙂

  92. Rebecca Williams

    Something suitable for all ages ☺

  93. Karen Lloyd

    I would invent something that teaches the value of money.

  94. Gemma m williams

    A treasure hunt type game if possible

  95. Tina Holmes

    I like the drawing the doodle games so something like that

  96. Julie Ward

    Anything to make kids understand money, but with humour

  97. Phyllis Ellett

    A game that the skill changes depending on the age.

  98. My son loves crafting so probably a game where each child had to create something out of a few bits such as creating a little boat and see whos floats the longest etc. x

  99. sarah rees

    a food tasting game to encourage trying different foods

  100. Michaela Hannah

    A game based around shopping for clothes for a mini doll

  101. Mark Richmond

    General knowledge quiz with eating rewards

  102. Chrissie Curtis

    It would be something food related!

  103. win parts to build a house and not knock it down or you are out

  104. Lynsey Buchanan

    A game to test knowledge of flags of the world

  105. Margaret Clarkson

    A quiz game with music, literature and film questions. But no sport, at all.

  106. joanna butler-savage

    a game with a creepy themes- I loved a game called ghost castle growing up

  107. Laura Pritchard

    A virtual reality labyrinth one using goggles.

  108. Liam Bishop

    I love board games, something with space pirates!

  109. Georgina davies

    i would make some kind of board game my favourite x

  110. Ruth Harwood

    Something with skill and luck involved, probably dice based and akin to Yahtzee, but with a board game element to make it more exciting xx

  111. Martina Pichova

    one that makes everyone laugh but people are still learning from it

  112. Jo Hutchinson

    Decorate a paper Christmas tree blind folded and points for baubles that are on a branch. Extra points if the Angel is on top of the tree.

  113. leigh boyle

    one that all the family can play from 3 years old to grandparents,

  114. Susannah Siddall

    A game about business – teach children the value of money – how to make it, budget and spend it

  115. Susan Lloyd

    My girls would love a mine craft based game x

  116. john jackson

    no that make u work a bit and use u,r brain

  117. Tracy Nixon

    a game where you guess the animal by looking at body parts!

  118. melanie stirling

    A dentist game,pulling teeth and doing fillings with maybe a buzzer if you make a mistake.

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