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Playing family games night with Megableu Games

If you’re a fan of playing games (or who have children who are), hopefully you’ll have spotted my posts about Halloween games and other interactive games from Megableu.  If not , go and check them out now!

As well as having some great fun playing the family games, I’m launching a competition for a lucky reader to win all 5 games.  Yes, that’s all 5 games.  With Christmas coming up, that means the winner could have gifts covered (we’ll make sure you get the prize before Christmas), or simply have games to play in those cosy winter nights when you don’t want to set foot outside.

The 5 games are suitable from age 5+, although N was happy enough playing most of them in his own way, and he’s not quite 5.

Prizes are:

Alien Mission
Cobra Attack
Trickin’ Camel
Creepy Hand
Ghost Hunt Evolution

megableu games

All are interactive and can be played alone or with more players.  My advice…have a drawer full of batteries.

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To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment telling me what sort of game you would want to see created and complete the rafflecopter widget.  There are also a couple of additional entry options to increase your chance of entering.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions

  1. UK entry only, over 18s
  2. Giveaway closes 11.59pm 2nd December 2015
  3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
  4. There is 1 prize of 5 megableu games
  5. The data of anyone that enters won’t be passed on to any third parties or used for any unsolicited marketing communications.
  6. Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, and may be shared on social media.
  7. Winner will be notified via email, and will need to respond with their postal address by 9.30am 5th DECEMBER otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
  8. Prize will be sent out with the intention of being delivered before Christmas
  9. This giveaway may be featured on Loquax, Prizefinder and Superlucky


Disclosure: Sponsored competition

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  1. Would love them to bring back some of the games I used to play when I was a nipper. crossbows and catapults and escape from atlantis kept my brother and me happy for hours

  2. A word game with scrabble-type tiles where you make chains of words….the new word must start with the last letter of the previous word. Extra points if you can use the last 2, 3 or more letters.

  3. A revamp of Hide and Seek called Hide and Shoot – People hide then they get shot (laser tag esque) when they are found.

  4. Maybe a virtual reality game (with goggles?) travelling to different places with different tasks to complete. Fun but educational.

  5. A game where the little ones have to sit down and be quiet and amuse themselves for half an hour – it’d never work though! 😀

  6. A game where their are forfeits that involve tidying house, would love the kids to play it!

  7. A drs game – i think dr Ranj did a great job in teaching kids not to be scr=ared to go to the drs and I think a game could help also.

  8. a singing and performing game. by picking up random cards you have 10 seconds to make up a song or dance about it

  9. Something similar to mousetrap where there’s an obstacle course to get around the board 🙂

  10. When I was younger we used to play that game where you have random clothes, a dice, a cold bar of chocolate and a plastic knife and fork.

    You had to roll a 6 and quickly put on the clothes and cut as many pieces of chocolate off the bar as you could before the next person threw a 6.

    Something like that would be fab, but you could do it that you put the clothes on and had to do a silly thing until the next 6 was thrown

  11. A guess what game. My family used to love Guess Who so why not take it further with a Guess What game maybe toy related pictures like barbie and Thomas the Tank x

  12. A fun educational game for teaching children their Times Tables = (I work in a Secondary school and it’s surprising how many students even the y10&y11’s, who do not know their tables). If there was a fun game for them to learn them when they are young it would be fab. I’m looking for one for my little nephew.

  13. a game called the pyramid you have to try to escape from the pyramid going through obstacles along the way whoever get out of course is the winner

  14. I think a board game about a dog rescue sanctuary things like if you land on the stray dog your dog had to go back to the pound, it begins with players rescuing their chosen dogged having to race around the board doing various tricks etc with his new owner I know it needs a bit ot twining but proceeds could go to dog rescue what do you think?

  15. My Daughter actually came up with a really cute idea for a game, you are santa and you have to deliver the presents without waking up the child sleeping in the bed, I thought that sounded fab.

  16. i asked my kids and apparently it would have to have a combination of ponies, trains and minecraft …hmm!

  17. a game where you went round the board and collected hand/body stamps – aways wanted that to exsist when i was a kid (yes i know..its odd!)

  18. One about animals and rescuing them and curing them – educational too, teaching children to look after pets and that animals rely on the owners for everything. @PeanutHog

  19. one that my nieces would love – so it would have to be messy with lots of rude noises!

  20. I would create a game that involves sweeping up dropped food, you never know it might get the message through to the kids to pick up after themselves!!

  21. A fun quiz or puzzle game that had simple instructions you don’t need a University degree to fathom out or batteries to operate

  22. A game that did not have lots of pieces which could get lost which seems to happen to my grandchildren’s games.

  23. A game with marbles (or wooden balls) that fit into differing size holes, with tubes so children can see them drop, they could use one ball to hit another into a hole etc

  24. An adventure game looking for hidden treasure and avoiding traps and enemies along the way. 🙂

  25. a creative game, maybe something with drawing pictures to tell a story based on set words given

  26. Ooh I’m not sure, maybe some kind of memory pattern recognition game? It would have to involve dinosaurs too!

  27. A cross between a quiz and skill game that involves different countries so that we can all learn some geography and culture whilst we play

  28. Oh gosh I really like the Alien Mission game, would love to see an adult zombie version thats a bit scary!!

  29. I would like to create a learning to look after a dog game , where they have to walk feed give medication and take to the vet -to teach children how a pet has to be looked after

  30. something like monopoly i love board games only instead of of streets i would do football teams and build pitches etc My son would love that!

  31. Something with skill and luck involved, probably dice based and akin to Yahtzee, but with a board game element to make it more exciting xx

  32. Decorate a paper Christmas tree blind folded and points for baubles that are on a branch. Extra points if the Angel is on top of the tree.

  33. A game about business – teach children the value of money – how to make it, budget and spend it

  34. A dentist game,pulling teeth and doing fillings with maybe a buzzer if you make a mistake.

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