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Halloween games for family nights in

I’m trying to build up a stash of family games for N.  Games are something we used to play a lot of as children, and although he’s an only child, he’s got plenty of cousins to enable him to get into games if I’m not around.

So far we’ve mostly stuck to card games like UNO which he loves for some reason (probably because he keeps beating me), and interactive games like Elefun (which I laugh at him playing because even at the age of nearly 5, he still has no concept of moving the net to catch the butterflies!).

We’ve not yet gone into seasonally themed games…until now.  We were sent a couple of spooky games from Megableu Games, perfect for a family Halloween games night.

Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunt games from Megableu

N was straight into the boxes and into the ‘battery’ drawer.  Like so many games today, you will need a good supply of batteries (AA and AAA)…I need to get some more AA already because we’ve already run one set of cheapy ones out.

Creepy hand unpacking

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Creepy Hand

The first game was Creepy Hand, a green Frankenstein like hand which puts a new spin on Truth or Dare.  N had some fun setting the hand off walking, and loved the fact that it would point at the person who would have to choose the truth, dare or forfeit.

it's the creepy hand

unboxing Creepy hand game

watching the creepy hand

Creepy Hand is aimed at age 7+ so is a bit old for N, but looking at the truth or dare cards, many of the tasks or questions he would be able to attempt even at 4 years old.  I think the cousins would love the game, and it should be a hit for a family night in when we’ve got the rest of the family round.

Ghost Hunt Evolution

The second game is Ghost Hunt Evolution.  What can I say about this one?  We love it.

Unpacking Ghost hunt

This is one game that you can play alone if needed, although it’s a bit addictive and everyone wants a go.  The OH doesn’t play games (he’s the miserable one at a party who refuses), but even he had a brief go.

Billy Bones from Ghost Hunt

The game is made up of Billy Bones, a skull which turns his head and sends out laser images of bats and ghosts.  The aim is to shoot the images with the laser gun.  We opened the box in daylight, so tried it initially with curtains pulled but it wasn’t dark enough.

ready for ghost hunt shoot out

playing Ghost hunt

But as soon as the evening drew in, we were in the kitchen in the dark having a proper go.

What we’ve learnt is that we’re really rubbish at shooting accurately, and following where the images are.  Our kitchen’s quite large (and open plan), so it’s a bit wild trying to spot the images as they’re beamed out in certain directions.  Trying to shoot the image on yourself is an interesting one too!

shooting bats and ghosts

You have to remember to reload the gun (which we only realised after my brother had noticed it – we just launched straight in without reading the instructions), to keep shooting, and the gun tots up the score as you go.  So far, our scores are pitiful, but I’m sure we’ll be improving as we play.  We do like a competitive challenge  to get high scores.

There’s 3 levels of difficulty, so you can play kids vs adults…although we’ve not made it off ‘easy’ yet.  It’s going to take some practice.  And the sound effects make it a bit more eerie when playing in the dark.

The only downside is that there’s only one gun.  It would be good to be able to play a couple of people at a time – maybe they could sell the second gun as an additional option, although maybe it would get too dangerous with 2 people brandishing laser guns in a small space.

I’m going to take both of these games to a halloween party this weekend as well – I reckon the dads and the kids will love to have a go.  I can see Creepy Hand being used by N for other goings on and fun, rather than just the truth or dare game it’s made for.

You can watch the short video of our experience below.


Disclosure: We were sent these games for the purpose of review and compensated as  part of the Family Nights Campaign, in association with Megableu Games.

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  1. That creepy hand looks fab! Sienna will be nearly 4 next Halloween so I will keep these in mind, I never thought of games we could do as a family! 🙂

  2. Ah I love a family games night! We are hoping to start a christmas eve tradition of some family games, although it’s maybe a bit early to be talking about Christmas. I think the creepy hand looks awesome, I think we would have a lot of fun with that!

  3. Games have come on a long way since I was a child! Love the idea of both of these games although I think the second probably sounds more up Monkey’s street! Happy Halloween hope you have a great party xx

  4. Great games for a Halloween party. My kids would love the Ghost Hunter one and it’s good that you can play alone if needed.

  5. These sound really fun. We always used to play games at home as a family and I’d love to do that with my daughter too, although for now we’re still at Orchard Toys level. Cards next perhaps!

  6. These games look like so much fun. I always think to myself though that games are just not like they use to be are they? Why weren’t things like this around when I was growing up. 🙂

    1. I know what you mean. Ours all seemed to be on a money theme – Monopoly, Hotel, Game of Life were our favourites. The only more interactive ones were hungry hippos!

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