button christmas tree decorations

Button craft activities for children

We don’t do much crafting in our house.

I used to make greeting cards and jewellery to sell, but then had no time, and now blogging has taken over…note to self, really must sell all the beads I still have floating around the house.  And N usually has better things to do with his time, like play outside, go on the farm, or just generally do other things involving wheels, Lego, books and role play.

But this week he’s gone to my craft supplies and I’ve found him at the kitchen table after school, being creative, three days on the trot.  Here’s some simple button craft activities for children that he enjoyed.

button craft activities for children - Bubbablue and me

The first day, he found my mixed pack of craft buttons.  I caught him trying to stick them to a piece of paper unsuccessfully, so got him out some glue dots (until they ran out and then the glue stick had to come to the rescue), found the 2 remaining mini canvases, and let him loose on them.

sticking buttons on canvases

He was quiet and focused on it for about 30 minutes which is pretty impressive for him and we now have 2 little pictures.

button canvas art

Then he had an evening where he wanted to do Hama beads.  So we now have a star coaster that he’s very proud of.  Probably because he ordered me to tell me what I can complete and where.

The third evening he had the buttons out again.  I didn’t really want my craft stash being used willy nilly for his random sticking projects, so suggested that he make a button Christmas tree.

sewing his buttons together

I couldn’t access my beading wire which would have been easier to use, but found him some gold thread and a needle.  Yes, I set my 4 year old loose with a proper sharp needle.  And he was really good at using it.  Forward and back through the buttons, stacking them up, and he didn’t prick himself once.

making button christmas treens

N decided on a random colour theme, I stuck with greens. The only disappointment was the size when he asked ‘why are the trees so small Mama?’.  Next time, I’d get bigger buttons so I could graduate the size of them better.  Using craft or jewellery wire would be better too to ensure you only feed through once with it still being secure.

button christmas tree decorations

But they look really effective and would work really well on a small tree, or as place holder decorations or the like.

Do you craft with buttons?  What crafts have you and your children being doing recently?

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  1. We made scarves for the kids’ teddy bears last year. They glued the buttons onto felt strips, and it turned out so cute! These are great ideas – I love the button Christmas trees, they’d make a lovely gift too! x

  2. these are so cute. we use buttons in Nursery all the time for craft and creative sessions. Its amazing how many things you can create with a button

  3. Oh how I adore buttons – I always save them after an item of clothing has ended it’s useful life! Love these super cute craft ideas you enjoyed with your son.

  4. How wonderful he found some crafty activities that he likes. Those little button Christmas trees turned out really nice. I should clean out my crafts supply too and see what I can find.

    1. Craft supplies do get a bit over the top. Mine was cleared out, but then I kept bits for N, but really I should just get rid apart from one box. The OH would be pleased to get the utility room back

  5. I love the sound of these button crafts – my daughter will happily stick things to other things for hours if I let her, and she does love crafting but I’m never very inspired. I know my mum has jars of buttons (which I remember from my own childhood) so I wonder if I can persuade her to let us raid them. The trees definitely seem very fun.

    1. Ooh I used to love my Grandma’s and mum’s button jars. Mine is boring, but I’ve got craft buttons…they’re just harder to come by big buttons for that.

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