feet - toddler shoes

Little feet and Skeanie shoes


So N’s now been walking for almost 3 months and he loves it.  Crawling now only happens if he’s going through his play tunnel, and he’s even moved on to ‘dancing’ (little stomps left & right, occasional twirling, and sometimes stepping backwards).  All very cute.  He’s not mastered running yet, but that’s not far as he can be pretty quick when he wants to.

He’s now in walkers, but also has his first pair of wellies – funky blue with little yellow motorbikes on from a Joules end of season warehouse sale.

It’s unfortunate the timing of him needing to move from his cruisers to walkers as I’d just bought some Clarks walkers (thankfully in the sale) as I started as a Skeanie mum just afterwards.

Skeanie are gorgeous shoes from Australia, preferred supplier of the Australian Podiatry Association. They’re great because they’re handcrafted from supersoft eco leather, and are soft soled to allow for little feet to grow and develop while keeping that important ‘barefoot’ sensory effect when they’re walking.

There are infant and junior size shoes, ranging from Mary Janes, snug boots, riding boots, loafers, boat shoes and sandals.  They also feature Flex-Ease™ technology which helps keep the shoes on.  The prices are around the Startrite mark, which although they seem pricy, in fact for peace of mind that your little ones have shoes which will help not hinder their growing feet, it’s a great price point.

What I really like is that because the leather’s so soft, it’s easy to measure where the toes are in them, unlike other shoes which have harder leather.

feet - toddler shoes

I’m coveting a pair of the boat shoes for N, but when he needs his next pair it’ll hopefully be nicer weather and I think the sandals would be perfect.  But I have to say he looks great in the little riding boot sample I was sent.

You can buy Skeanie shoes* and wellies at Amazon.

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