Toddler pickiness – muffin madness

After eating our main meal this lunch while away, I turned to a quick and easy recipe for dinner – pizza muffins.

N’s a bit funny with pizza.  Bizarre given most children lap it up.

He’ll eat pizza at nursery, but not at home or out.  Whether it’s home made, or shop bought, he’ll not really eat it at all.

But when he was weaning he used to like naan bread ‘pizzas’, and he has muffin versions at nursery, so I thought I’d try them as we’d eaten our main meal at lunch so only needed a snack.

It’s really quick and easy: halved muffins, spread on tomato puree or sauce (I used chilled pasta sauce), and add whatever toppings.  N had cheese, pepper and chopped up leftover cocktail sausages as he kept going on about wanting sausages after I’d chosen them for my main meal out at lunch.  I had cheese, pepper and a bit of ham.

They looked delicious, but of course N just picked off the topping and left the tomatoey muffins.

I asked if he was finished.  No answer, so checked if I could throw them out.  No answer.  Did he want any more food?  No answer.

He wandered off so I told him he’d obviously finished and that it would be going in the bin.

Cleared up.  Next thing, in he wandered again, and was whining asking where his muffins were.  Of course, he was distraught at them being in the bin…cue, trying to get them out.  Yuck.

In the end, I had to get another muffin out for him to eat.  Continuing the awkwardness, he didn’t want it toasted, or buttered.  Just plain.

It seems that I now can’t put any food in the bin unless he’s actually stated it’s finished with.


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  1. Ohhh I forgot all about pizza muffins…..I used to make them years ago before my youngest was born….lol May have to reintroduce them!!

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